Help Colic with Probiotics

This is my introduction to probiotics. These are one of the main ways to help your baby’s colic and wind and any tummy pain they may have. So much of what causes a baby to cry excessively comes from tummy pain and that can be fixed. The main CAUSE is antibiotics.

The best fix is probiotics. There are friendly bacteria, like you would find in yogurt. Except the ones I use are specially designed for babies and have plenty of science to back up how safe and effective they are. I use these with the babies that come to see me everyday.

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Video transcript:

This is just an intro video into probiotics, and they are one of the main ways to help your baby if they have colic or reflux or allergies or eczema – all of these types of things. And basically, they are good, friendly bacteria that you can put in your baby to build their gut bacteria up, okay. 


So, so many of the problems babies have, for example, colic, come from an imbalance of gut bacteria. It’s massive! The research on this is huge. I look at research every single day – it’s totally amazing. So, we have changes in gut bacteria and then, what we do, is we look for the reasons. The more reasons we can understand then we understand more about why your baby might have colic or crying or whatever is wrong with them. 


So, for example, a major cause of changing your baby’s gut bacteria – c-section, antibiotics – but, and the more I look into it, there’s more and more and more, so I’ve just done a video on gestational diabetes and stress in the delivery. The baby gets the good bacteria from you, so from the vaginal canal delivery or from your breast milk. So, you have to have it in you in the first place to pass it across. Formula doesn’t really have it in it. If it has some, it’s not enough to beneficially help your baby. 


So, this is the basic of probiotics – it’s putting good bacteria in. It’s massively researched, it’s safe, and I use it all the time, and they’re a kind of a number-one help for your baby. So, have a look at the rest of this section in my e-course on probiotics helping your baby.

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