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When it was feeding mom comes in and we get on to the topic of be careful of what a mum eats because the food that she eats can be passed through the breast milk to the baby and possibly give their baby colic or wind or aggravating reflux some of this. So,  this conversation I have quite a lot it might not t be the first conversation because we look other for simple things.  


First of all, if we get on to helping the mum with her food.  Then I have a bit of a staged plan in a number of tips and advice I give the mum and I don’t really want to overload them all in one go.  


So, I split them down and there’s usually the first few easy ones and then they get more refined as we go down. So, this is the introduction to the foods that mum should eat if she’s breastfeeding all the foods mum shouldn’t be or to avoid or to minimize when she’s breastfeeding and it can be amazing I’ve seen babies clear up their colic or reflux overnight. 


But as you know every baby is different and there’s lots of different things to help a baby.  So, it may not help you at all. It will only make help you a little bit or it might be the thing that really helps it might be the only thing that helps.  


So, he’s certainly worth doing and the mums that really put in place the advice do better.  So, For example, if it was going dairy-free the mums that really notice.  


If it worked are the ones that have gone really dairy-free, they’ve gone for it, they’ve seen the difference.  Then they’re encouraged then they stick to it if you go say half dairy-free and we might not quite know if you’ve gone enough.  


So, I’m all for half dairy-free working so it’s easier for you. But it might be its best to do this way around you do something full-on and if it works you, creep the advice sort of back and then you see where maybe the wind comes back in.  


So, have a listen to these sort of staged tips. If you’re breastfeeding a baby is colicky or has reflux are this is the advice that I would give in stages of having some.

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