Do You Have To Rugby Ball Hold Your Baby?

Wouldn’t it be good if you didn’t HAVE to!


Video Transcript:


Okay, so let’s get a bit controversial again in this video because it’s about breastfeeding and that seems to be kind of the most controversial topic that I talk about.  As well as what foods mums eat goes through the breast milk. 


So, I want to have a quick video on rugby ball holding your baby.  Okay, so let’s start off with this you got to feed your baby right?  


So, obviously whatever position your baby can feed in is right for you at that moment and your baby.  So, you’ve got to do that see if you’ve got to rugby ball holds then,  yeah you got to do that.  


Okay, here’s my slight twist my little take on that the reason you have to rugby ball hold it because that suits your baby because your baby is in a position that means they can only feed on one side, it’s usually that they can only turn to the right.  


So, a baby’s whose head is stuck to the right or feed better off the mums left and then you have to rugby ball hold to your right breast on that side.  Okay, so yep you’ve got to do that.  


But what I aim to do and it’s one of my positive points when a mum comes in and says I don’t have to rugby ball hold now I can do either side like this or even better my baby you can feed wherever now. This way because they are comfortable their body is comfortable to be put in a position and they can turn their head left or right into either side of you.  


So, they’re comfortable you know.  You see these babies who are just completely out laying all over the place and they still manage to feed.  


Yes, some mums have got to get that baby in the exact position for them to feed.  Okay, but you know what it’s usually the mum that gets in the exact position.  


So, the mums are like this they’re like this,  the mums are uncomfortable the mums have got back pain,  neck pain,  the whole lot going on because they are getting into basically an odd position to manage to feed the baby.  


So, when you do some have all your baby has some treatment when I do some treatment and we get the baby’s head moving left and right if there am a meerkat, we stop this arching.  We get them soft if they’re a little frog in a ball when we get them out and they’re out and they’re floppy and they’re lovely and they’re relaxed then they can turn either way and feed off either side of the mum and the mum doesn’t have to do the rugby ball hold.  


Again apologies for me doing my impression of breastfeeding. But that’s my take on that,  I would aim to have a baby be able to feed however then be relaxed and feeling to be very comfortable and very easy.  So, if you have to feed your baby with the rugby ball on one side that’s not your fault that’s not something that’s going on with your flow.  


That is that your baby is probably fixed in a position and has to be in that position to breastfeed and that would be something to do with the delivery possibly that they got stuck had lots of contractions on them maybe forceps or ventouse to get out. Okay, so I hope that’s a bit of education on why we aim to not have babies need to be in the rugby will hold for breastfeeding.

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