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Tell you about the basics of blood sugar control to eating and this is a way of eating that I advise new mums to use breastfeeding or not. But it has these lovely advantages of giving you the sort of continuous energy through the day. 


In the resources section, you’ll have the food plan that I use and more ebooks to help you eat this way. It can really help you feel so much better and is one of the other points of making you feel so much better. That your baby does respond to that and the more good nutrition we can get into you.  


If you’re breastfeeding that’ll pass to your baby. So, to control your blood sugar it’s very simple we have you eating about every three hours.  


So, you have breakfast lunch dinner and then you have a snack mid-morning, mid-afternoon snack that’s pretty much it. It’s very simple that’s how often you want to eat now.  


We want you to eat good food as well and each meal should comprise of protein fat and carbohydrate. Okay, so protein would be a meat protein and fat would be some sort of meat at the meal and then the carbs would be could be vegetables, pasta, rice.  


So, we’re not being overly strict with you. But you get a balance of the protein fat and carbs at each meal and in the resources, there’s ideas for you, there’s some food ideas and there’s a better explanation.  


But this is a lovely way to eat you get a better variety of foods throughout the day you don’t get. So, hungry so,  you don’t get the up-and-down stress and tire dips, and if you don’t have those and you’re not grabbing for snacky chocolate coffee to get you back up because you won’t even have the dip and you’ll carry on the really interesting part is that your hormones auto and you have these blood sugar dip.  


So, you know like being hungry you know blood sugar dip, and you get angry because you haven’t eaten, and as I’ve explained so many more. So, many times in other videos you being uptight and angry passes to your baby either through breast milk or just holding them. 


If you’re angry and hungry and you’re holding them. If baby picks up on that so if we get you level more level because you’re not hungry your blood sugar level, your hormones are balancing the blood sugar and I see so their level then your baby remains more level. It’s an interesting concept a bit of a leap because it’s you and then reflecting onto your baby. 


But I can tell you,  I’ve seen it work so many times and you’ll feel better. So, watch the rest of the videos in this section about eating when you’re breastfeeding and then in the resource section have a look in there there’s loads of info.

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