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C-section babies are 25% more likely to be obese

An research paper out today has found that babies born by C-section are 25% more likely to be obese. For me this brings up a few interesting points. Firstly, it would be helpful to know why? This is great research but it needs to be translated into some help for parents.

My research for my book Calming Colic found plenty of research about C-section babies having altered gut bacteria as they miss out on the beneficial bacteria passed from their mothers birth canal, instead picking up skin bacteria. Decreased or altered gut bacteria has been proven to play a role in obesity. So if this is the cause then it might be that probiotics given to these infants, as I recommend, maybe preventative of obesity later in life. A conclusion I have postulated at it Calming Colic.

The study mentions that C-section babies rare large to start with and that’s why they have a C-section. In this case is there not a possibility of educating the mother on her diet whilst pregnant which may have contributed to the larger birth weight, also proven in research.

It is also mentioned that C-section babies are more likely to be formula fed. Again formula fed babies don’t get the healthy bacteria passed from the mother, so probiotics may help in this case too. Also why is the mother not breast feeding? This may have something to do with milk quality and quantity which is influenced my the mothers diet.

Just a few of my thoughts on prevention of obesity right at the beginning of a little ones life!

Link to research article:;jsessionid=E68B8D151B68F485918A8EC873449276

Here is the link to the Mail article:

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