Did you have antibiotics for Group B Strep?

Antibiotics Administered During Labor Delay Healthy Gut Bacteria in Babies

This new study looked at mother who had antibiotics in labour due to Group B Strep. It found that the babies gut bacteria in this group was changed. If you read my book or any of my other Blogs on this page you won’t be surprised!

The reachers proved that the antibiotics killed of certain beneficial strains of gut bacteria. This I also know leads to problems with your baby, such as colic, crying, tummy pains, watery poo’s etc.

As usual though no help is offered in the research so I’ll give you some if this applies to you…

In any antibiotic situation I would very quickly re-establish your baby’s friendly gut bacteria using a specialist baby probiotics. I recommend Biogaia Protectis available from this website or direct from them. (Use my discount code PROTECT2017)

The study showed that after 12 weeks the gut naturally returned to balance. Interesting that 12 weeks is always quoted as the time colic stops. However, do you want to wait 12 weeks for your baby to stop being upset when their is a quicker route?

Biogaia Protectis

Biogaia Protectis

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