Allergy or overload?

It’s more often an overload


Video Transcript:


That’s about allergy and intolerance in your baby cow’s milk, protein allergy, lactose problems. So, this whole topic is very complicated, very confusing technically. 


An allergy is a bit like a peanut allergy where someone would have it and then maybe needs to go to the hospital they’re that bad it’s quick and they’ve got to get some help. Then you have an intolerance and or sensitivity. 


This is this new type of allergy the new phrase coming in where you can eat things a few times be.  Okay, and then maybe more and get worse so something like a gluten or wheat allergy gives me wind or dairy giving you a congested block top nose. 


So, well I see this we’ve babies like this obviously. The breastfeeding mum may be consuming dairy or food that goes to the baby and then we seem to think that the baby has a problem with that food. 


So, mums are immediately quite worried that their baby has a dairy allergy. Okay, probably not the dairy allergy.  


So, yes we see some babies are definitely not getting on with that at home with dairy through the month or with the formula. So, then in their formula-fed you, you can get the lactose-free or the cow’s milk protein allergy-free and there are slightly different grades of the ones that you get from the GP. 


So, if you’ve got problems with that you might all have to ask them for another formula. We do another video on that. But what I want to get across to you is something I call overload. 


Ok?  so,  I guess it’s towards an intolerance or sensitivity. But it makes a bit more sense to the mum if you say can overload be there?  


A food that you are overloading yourself with and then breastfeeding through and maybe your baby’s digestion is just like that’s too much for me.  


I can’t cook me that very often you as the mum can’t cope with it as well. So, eating something like that gives me wind, and then your baby’s doing a very similar sort of thing.  


So okay let’s take dairy are you overloading on dairy?   It’s very easy to overload on you know you’d be having cereal for breakfast, cheese, sandwich, pasta, and cheese in the evening. 


If you look back at the day you’ve actually had wheat and dairy every meal that oh you consider possibly an overload. So, what would happen is we just bring that back and we don’t personally don’t always go straight in a dairy-free.  


If their mums are up for it then it is the best way to figure out. If you go totally dairy-free and if are babies better then you know. 


But then I start to creep it back in and see where you get to the point where then you get to a point where the baby’s okay and then maybe they tip over the edge. You start seeing someone seem some skin.  


So, I like to call this an overload of food. So, you start to bring your food say dairy back down so kind of normal levels. 


You know, if you can just have cereal in the morning. But you change up lunch or dinner then you might see your baby get better. 


Then what would be interesting is you might see your baby is worse in the time after your breakfast where you’ve had dairy. Then the rest of the day they’re good I mean you’ll start to get this off indicator of which food it might be.  


So, in this video I just want you to be aware of overload and it could be any foods I’ve seen moms overload on satsumas because they were in out in the supermarkets.  The mum was just buying those kinds of bags or satsumas and was doing a bag a day.  


Okay, so good she hates that soon was healthy through but easy to snack on. It was an overload cut.  


Those out of a baby a hundred times better I’ve seen a mum overload on hot cross buns and she had a stash of hot cross buns in. It just got to be the easy thing to toast and butter and she was doing like 6 more than 6 of a packet today. 


So, it’s an overload, I’ve seen big moms overload on coke coca-cola and stuff that really stirs up your baby. So, just think about is that food overloading on that you’ll go to food, the food that you’re loving at the moment.


You’re just snacking on it all day very often that is the food your baby might be having the wind, skin, poo reaction to.

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