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Hi!  Christian Bates of Calming Colic “”. Lots more information over their videos, blogs, and all the ebooks are returned including calming colic the actual ebook and you can download all seven books are written as a package.  

So, today I want to get into a bit of science about how we help babies and there was a lovely science that came out this week. So, in December 2019 it was on the association between the use of antibiotics and the child has an allergy.  

An allergy of some sort so it could be like a food allergy. I think pretty more and you might be worried about cow’s milk protein allergy something like that but eczema, asthma,  all these different types of allergies. 

Okay, so seven hundred and ninety thousand babies in the study association between the use of multiple classes of antibiotics in infancy and allergic disease in childhood. Okay, the purpose of this study is to demonstrate whether their exposure to multiple antibiotic classes is associated with a risk of developing an allergic disease in childhood. 

Conclusion, Yes okay, so they go on about that it’s not the cause so they kind of they do all this lovely research. You know based on the course but there’s an association there. 

Okay,  so what I love about this is that it’s so easy to see when you’re in the clinic and you’re treating these babies who are coming in and you’re thinking how are they gone as you already they’re a baby but then you go into the history.   You know that they’ve had this antibiotics it’s so easy to see I’ve seen it for years and years. 

But when the science comes out it’s nice because otherwise, you get a bit of stick when you put this out there before, and then something comes out and goes.  Actually,  we were right. I was right, it’s true, it’s there. So, what I was just double-checking the link for this for you. 

I was just typing in and then this other study came up with an association between the use of acids oppressive medications and antibiotics in infancy and allergic diseases in early childhood.  Again positive association between antibiotics and anti-suppressive acid,  the suppressive medications. 

So, that’s when it’s been maybe meet resolved or Gaviscon these things that babies have for reflux. Okay, they also have an association with allergies. 

Okay, let me read. This is the second one that I just mentioned the main outcome was allergic disease defined as the presence of food allergy, flexus asthma, atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, contact dermatitis, medication allergy, or another allergy.  

Here’s the conclusion this study found associations between the use of acid-suppressive medication and antibiotics during the first six months of infancy. Subsequent development of allergic diseases acid-suppressing medication. 

Antibiotics should be used during infancy only in situations of clear clinical benefit. Okay, of course, I’m not having any argument.  If with anyone, I’ll never say don’t have them. If you’re in the hospital, you have them totally not my department. 

If you’re in there and pregnant you have them. But remember if you looked at the rest of my videos on this course.  

You know that I kind of got into this because I saw so clearly the association between antibiotics and colic. I still reckon 80% of babies that I see have had antibiotics. 

Now, remember, you get into antibiotics at a c-section. Okay,  so no argument you have your antibiotics this is what is not said in the research because the research you just focused on that what mums. 

What you should be told is that you can take the probiotic to help get back the gut bacteria, the good gut bacteria, antibiotics knock now. So, this is the general theme of why is happening is that the antibiotics are obviously changing something in the gut microbiome the good and bad bacteria. 

There’s research to show that it changes that as research to show that. But it changes that babies get colic and now we’ve got the allergic stuff going on here food allergy type stuff.  

Ok? So what you need to know are probiotics. That’s what you can do to help your baby. We haven’t got masses of stuff to help babies with you can’t give them vitamin C. 

But you can give them vitamin D. But you can’t give them herbs and too much stuff. But what we know you can give them it’s nice and safe is the probiotics. 

That is what the whole book is about which is over here and all the other stuff. I’ve written tons of information in there.  So much stuff changes the gut bacteria in your baby which then develops contain causes colic and food allergies. 

But here we got one of the major player’s antibiotics and this acid-suppressive medication.  Okay, antibiotics exchange the microbiome. So, the gut bacteria makeup is different. 

So, you want to pick good stuff in which is the probiotics person is used occupied for your baby calming colic down.  Okay,  so the acid-suppressive medication there we need steaming things that decrease acid production in the stomach. 

Okay, so the thought behind this would be if the babies got reflux. So, it doesn’t reflux up okay first of all not all reflux is down to excess acid. 

Okay, so you might be on the baby might be on that medication it’s not even hitting the mark at all. It might not be the cause of the reflux but this is how it works acid is decreased. 

So,  then the food the milk whatever comes in and sits there and doesn’t get by just do it correctly.  So, then it goes down, so you know into the absorption part of the baby’s tummy or the stomach or small intestine. 

Then it may be that you get particles into the bloodstream that haven’t been digested correctly because of the medication and then they can develop a food allergy to the particles that have got into the bloodstream without being digested. 

Okay, so that is how the acids suppressive medication may work there will be other mechanisms as well I’m sure. But that would be one of the ways that there will affect the baby. 

So, the science is backing this up antibiotics as desperate medication they increase the cause of allergy. All different types of allergies in babies there is black and white. 

I’ve got tons of other research on this. But here’s the intro video that goes over to “”.  

All my ebooks were over there and there’s more information on the probiotics. Have a look at the videos, download the ebooks. 

Thanks for watching!

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