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It goes both ways!


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I want to tell you about some fascinating research that has come out and I’ve read a number of different researchers. But I’m going to kind of lump them together and try and get this point across to you. 


It’s about food allergies and other allergies like skin allergies, atopic dermatitis, eczema, or just things that you think your child has allergies and has reactions to. It’s kind of now linked confusing together food allergies with skin problems. 


Now, from a naturopathic point of view when someone has skin problems, we always look at the digestion that’s been going on for hundreds and hundreds of years. So, we fix the digestion to help the skin. 


But interesting these new researchers coming out and they are actually now proving that there is a link. It’s a bit unexpected maybe not quite how we would look at it. 


But what they found was that a child’s skin may flare-up. But it flared up worse when it flared up worse from foods. 


So, a food reaction but what they added into the mix was using things like baby wipes okay or direct things to the skin. So, the inside of the digestion and the food was appearing here and what they had done was this baby wipes actually take the top layer of oil off the skin. 


So, the skin’s defense against this barrier is lowered and what’s amazing is that you then add in like a food type allergy which normally might have been. Okay,  but then it would flare more on the skin because the barrier had been disrupted here by the baby wipe. 


Now they mentioned that it was the sort of wipe that might like they say disrupts the oils on the skin. So,  possibly you might be using other things to wash your baby or other ways to clean the baby that might be disrupting other areas. 


They also mentioned that once that’s disrupted then there is more exposure to other allergies from the house that is in the air and even food particles that might be on your hands, then you’re touching this area. So, everything is added together what’s interesting is that from the natural health point of view. 


We would always look at that we always look at we don’t look at a child as just skin just eczema you want to look at the whole child improve that and then the improvement you start to see in the skin. This is kind of proving that you would look at environmental allergens. 


Even allergens on your hands and then the allergens that the baby is eating, inside and that’s triggering off a flare because this area is weaker.  So, it’s really interesting that now if your baby or child has skin problems, you want to be looking at what you’re cleaning the skin with what the skin is exposed to and then check in the foods. 


So,  we have very often mums are quite up on this and will come in and say we’re trying to find the food that is doing it. Okay, what happens if there’s no food and it’s only it has to be a particular food. 


In addition to some sort of skin wipe, you look it in the wrong bit. You’re trying to blame the food when actually it’s this baby wipe that is made for babies because it says so on the packet. 


But it’s actually a bit too strong for their skin. So, you’ve got to start bringing in all of these other factors.


So, it’s a really nice tip here if your child has skin issues and you’re worried about food.  Just have a really good look at the cleaning products that’s going on your child too.

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