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So, This bit of advice is for all mums with a baby that has some sort of allergy. It could be an expert type one or an egg or not one that this is a bit specific to. 


But I think this is my opinion that we could roll that over to other types of allergy problems. So, other food allergies and skin eczema type allergies.


So, I have this just amazing bit of research here and it’s actually from 2018. So, I’ve had it for a while. 


But I’m slowly converting these into the videos for you because they’re a bit easier quicker for you to pick up on. So, it’s one of the researchers where they looked at loads of other scientific research and kind of pulled that together and then checked the results out now.  


There’s always arguments over the research but this is just how this one is and it’s huge is four hundred studies involving one and a half million people. But it’s actually mums and they looked at the effects of using fish oil and a probiotic in late pregnancy. 


After you’ve given birth to the baby so whilst breastfeeding, how it reduces allergy, and eczema.  Now they looked at nuts allergy, egg allergy,  and eczema. Basically, the results are amazing and dramatic they were really really positive. 


So, daily fish oil from 20 weeks pregnant and during three to four months of breastfeeding reduce the risk of egg allergy in the baby by 30%. It’s pretty big I mean that’s really amazing. 


Now, this bit I found interesting in the results of the research. They found no evidence that avoiding the food’s had any impact on the child having that allergy or eczema. 


Now, this is something that I have looked into and it’s really conflicting and all the time I read studies on both sides. So,  you know do you avoid nuts so your baby doesn’t have a peanut allergy and then there’s other studies that say actually there’s less allergies in the children when you are exposed to it. 


So, it’s really it’s pretty confusing actually. So, I stay away from that a little bit because I don’t think it’s it’s that clear really. 


So, for example,  I’ve seen mums where children have less allergies if they had pets, and you kind of associate pets sometimes with the type of allergy. But if they were exposed to it they have less actually. 


So, that’s confusing and they found that in here. So,  we have this confusing bit about what to do with food.  Yet we have this really positive bit about taking fish oil and taking a probiotic even before the baby’s born so super clever.  


Now, the other bit that interests me is that they the oil that they use that at the most benefit was an Omega 3 and they said that the Omega 6 didn’t have as much benefit. So,  the Omega 3 is usually the one that we would advise. 


So, it’s called DHA docosahexaenoic acid and that is the one so usually when you get a fish oil it has both in. But you want the DHA in your fish oil supplement that’s the one that this has been studied on. 


It’s the one that we would usually recommend mums have.  Okay, so, our research just probiotic and fish oil supplements may reduce a child’s risk of developing an allergic condition.  


Fantastic! Previous researchers officials said may help dampen the immune system and prevent it from overreacting. The team also found that taking official German pregnancy reduces the Child’s risk of peanut allergy by 38 percent. 


So, these are really amazing results. Now, what else do I want to mention in my opinion on this? Okay, how is this helpful they look at peanut allergy and the immune system of stuff is very specific.  


I like to take a bit of a step back from that. Although this isn’t what this is saying “what if your baby has a dairy allergy” , and you’re struggling with a cow’s milk protein allergy or you’re wondering “if lactose is really aggravating”. 


So, you’re having to go for these lactose-free formulas or the protein-free formulas from the GP. So, if they’re saying from a general sense that the omega-3s dampen down the immune system rather than saying it dampens down your nut allergy. 


It’s just dampening down the whole immune system and the probiotics are helping the gut bacteria improve the digestion of these foods. Then it could mean that it could spill over into other allergies because if you’re watching this, you have a problem with your baby right now,  and they’re struggling with the feeding.  


I still think to take the fish oil and the probiotics. Now, this is my advice all the way through this anyway. But I’m probably a bit more heavy on that you should take the probiotic to help a baby.  


But this is showing that fish oils are important and I’ve got other videos in here on the importance of fish oils. As well so,  here’s another one so it’s something else to explore if your baby is really struggling now with the cow’s milk protein allergy or something something that you don’t know, you’re breastfeeding, they’re struggling, take your probiotic and take the fish oil, take the postnatal multivitamin, and mineral. 


So, I would take all three that’s the bundle that I try and always use.  But there’s more and more research backing that up. I hope this helps, I know that allergy babies are really tricky. But here’s just another avenue something else that might help a bit for you.

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