Your baby’s “Poo-cadian” rhythm

How the tummy affects the sleep


Video Transcript:


In this video then I want to talk about a word I have invented. I hope you have never heard before and that is the poo-cadian rhythm that a baby has.  


Okay, so have you heard of a circadian rhythm ?  This is how the dark and light cycle of day and night affect us. So, we have a circadian rhythm that puts us to sleep and then naturally wakes us up in the morning.  


Now babies can be affected by this in fact we’re there day and night rhythm and we’ll adjust that in another video.  So, the poo-cadian rhythm, a term I have come up with to illustrate that a baby’s tummy and how often they poo has a rhythm as well.  


I thought of the name of the poo cadian rhythm with them last week and there’s different poo-cadian rhythms.   Depending on what’s effective may be.   


So the antibiotic baby birth type is going for a poo like ten to fifteen times. So that babies poo cadian rhythm is all over the place because they’re putting too many times. 


Then a baby might be pooping once every five days, their poo-cadian rhythms totally out of whack as well because they’re constipated.  Now I got a bit more sort of clarity on this recently just from a baby that I’ve been seeing who is on gaviscon.  


Now gaviscon is very very well known to constipate your baby. So, you can go and have a look at the section on the different medications that your baby might be on.  


So, we had this baby very very upset crying all the time continuously through the whole day very hard to set at night.  So, I was very unhappy,  so I started to look at the rhythms and cycles that that baby is going through. 


So, completely flat out asleep you know happy seemed content and then boom awake screaming and then flat out and asleep again they were in that rhythm or that cycle.  I usually see that there’s tummy related because the tummy has this peristalsis cycle which is it starts to move and digest then it stops then it starts to move and digest. 


So, it has that rhythm of the peristalsis.  So, you can see that babies got the wind as that happens the wind then gives them a sudden pain. 


So, this baby is on a gaviscon it doesn’t they don’t have to be on the Gaviscon. They could have had antibiotics or colic or wind but it’s something to do with the tummy. So, this baby was on Gaviscon. The baby was pooing every day for five days.  


Okay, the poo is quite soft but it’s a bit like toothpaste, it’s a bit thicker than it should be.  So, very often when a baby is constipated the poo is not hard it still comes out quite soft which is interesting because an adult when constipation that poos tend to be hard. 


So, okay the baby’s poos coming out soft but there’s definitely something going on because it’s not coming out as quickly and as easy.  So, this baby is not going enough times.


What makes that obvious is that they’re building up in pain getting more and more unsettled then, they have a poo then, they’re happy for a few days.  So I explained to this mom that her baby’s poo-cadian rhythm is probably that she wants to go to poo twice a day.  


So let’s aim to have her pooing twice a day instead of once every three, four or five days.  Okay, so we did a few adjustments we did a little tweaking, and some helping. 


Next time I saw her happens to be today actually she is pooing twice a day and is absolutely transformed she is so much happier.  So, this baby’s poo-cadian rhythm was having poo twice a day. That’s what made her happy but she was going once every five days.  


So, I was getting grumpy so this is a little explanation of the rhythms of a tummy which I have called the poo-cadian rhythm. Now probiotics help this so all the way through that I’m explaining so much about colic and reflux and crying babies to do with their tummy and how probiotics help this thing that disrupts it, c-section antibiotics, and some of the medication. 


There’s loads that is what my whole book calming colic that’s hanging causes of colic was about the things to disrupt it.  If we can fix them and get them back on their comfortable poo-cadian rhythm pooing once or twice a day then they can be happy. 


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