Mum, did you take iron tablets?

These WILL affect your baby


Video Transcript:


This video is about taking iron supplements.  So, remember everything that I am trying to help you with is to figure out why your baby has got colic or reflux or screaming and crying and not sleeping it’s the why that’s important.  


So, they could have colic that’s the symptom that’s the wind.  But there is multiple causes multiple reasons for that and as you know antibiotics c-section is stressful delivery they all contribute to why this is another factor in iron supplements.  


So, you might be on them or mums are often on them if they’ve lost some blood at the delivery and then they’re back on iron and you usually get ferrous sulfate from the GP, it’s quite a harsh iron.  


So, if you talk to anyone about taking ferrous sulfate that Iron from the GP.  It’s like the first thing they say is “oh yeah that upsets your tummy,  it constipates you turns your poos black.  


So, they get really dark so you get constipated irritable tummy and you get dark poos. Okay, what we know is that if you’re breastfeeding then that can affect your baby because I’ve seen it loads and loads of times, and remember we’re trying to figure out what is going on in your baby’s tummy to be causing them discomfort. 


So, you have to carry on taking your iron from the doctor of course you do because you’ve got to get better an option for you is to get a better quality iron from a kind of vitamin and mineral company because they all produce nice iron they’re well on top of this they know that iron is harsh.  


So they produce softer more gentle forms of iron that doesn’t upset the tummy. That’s the whole kind of unique selling point of the iron that they sell is that it’s not harsh on a tummy.  


So you can do that and so take this on board if your baby has got tummy ache colic or probably constipated being a big one and you’re on iron tablets. It could be those so I’m providing you with another possibility because you’re like why is my baby screaming all the time it could be that. 


If you’re on iron you’re passing something from that through in your breast milk and then your baby’s getting constipated and irritable tummy too. So, just have a think about that you can’t come off them because your GPS put them on them you could possibly swap to a nicer form feel free to ask your GP if that’s okay. 

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