Where’s the wind from?

Why is your baby windy


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I want to talk about wind in this section. So, there’s something that I can repeatedly say to mums that come in with their babies about wind and I believe that a nice definition of colic is trapped wind.  


But as you know from listening to this that’s the symptom wind,  trapped wind, colic there’s the symptom. We want to find the cause why has your baby got that which is then creating pain.  


As you know wind pain, the trapped wind is really painful. So, it’s not weird that the baby is crying because that trapped wind is painful but it can go so quickly.  


Okay, so from my point of view we have two things with trapped winds which is extra wind production which is happening in the gut. So the baby isn’t digesting the food correctly or the digestion is creating wind so they’re creating excess winds. 


The second bit is can that wind get out,  now better out than in. You know the wind that is coming out is finally the babies seem to be in less pain. 


It’s the trapped wind that’s painful. So, yes you might get a bit of crying screaming wind comes out and then they’re better.  


So, you know that baby is suffering from inside internal wind pain which is different from the other parts that we hear with a baby which is the sort of outer physical.  I mean it’s a kind of trauma from the labor. 


Okay, so we’re looking at the winds production so why might the baby be producing more wind usually antibiotics is the changing of the gut bacteria. So as they digest their milk it’s producing excess gas. 


So, it’s fermenting and producing winds,  okay so antibiotics and scimitar antibiotics. As you’ll know from looking through the lessons C-section does the same because it’s all about the gut bacteria balance.  


But as in my book the ten causes of colic. There are loads of reasons that the gut bacteria in the baby might be altered.  


So the digestion has changed and the wind is produced. Okay, so c-section antibiotics formula, for example, doesn’t have the friendly gut bacteria in it that breast milk might do foods that you might be eating.  


As a mum which are very wind-producing foods,  as a reminder lentil pulses the things that give us wind as an adult they’re windy too.  So, maybe there’s extra production of winds and we use the probiotics to help them then is the wind getting stuck. 


 Okay, so with this have a look at the meerkat and the little frog babies because they’re swished up so tight. So the c-section babies all the faster delivery babies a little frogs.  


They want to be held like this look all that squashing that’s going on there in the tummy. So that extra wind production is coming down into the tummy there like this and it can’t get through nicely and it’s getting trapped.  


Also, the meerkat babies were there arching back some sort of thing getting trapped around the corners because they are arching back like this. We want the baby to be lovely relaxed out nice and straight.  


So, even if there’s a bit of extra wind production it all flows nicely and comes out ideally.  We want both better, you want less wind production using probiotics help that check in your foods keep looking down and check out the rest of the lessons in here and then having the baby nicely relaxed and stretched out using the cranial-sacral technique, cranial osteopathy, baby massage, you know helping that wind come through.  


Okay, so two points to remember when your baby’s very windy can you calm the xx production of wind down, and can you help the wind that flows out nicer. 

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