Does Your Baby Mostly Look One Way?

Many babies favour looking in one direction


Videos Transcript:


 Hi! So, in today’s video, I want to show you, in my opinion, one of the biggest causes of difficulties in breastfeeding and this could be so important for you to understand. If you are having troubles and so many babies get better through the treatment with this problem and I think you know wow! 


Breastfeeding rates could be increased, could be improved with this knowledge.  So, important, yeah mums you just not really told this and you’ll talk all the ways to correctly breastfeed and you set the babies up and there’s a bit of a standard way of setting up a baby’s feet. 


But babies aren’t standard there they’re all different your delivery was different how your baby is in their position. Their physical structure is different so you can’t really stick them all into this same way of breastfeeding. 


So this is so good, this is so big okay if your baby favors looking in one direction.  Now I’m gonna go through this point. 


In this video, There’s a few other things and I’ll go through those in other videos. Does your baby favor looking one way? So when you lay them down do they always look in one direction and the interesting thing is do they look in this direction when you might be over here because a baby will usually look at you.  


So, can you not even get your baby to look at you and they’re like this. Okay, it’s most often they favor the right looking right and that’s just how the delivery happens.  


But maybe not it could be left but most always right.  If your baby favors looking right like my little baby here they will feed better off your left side because they are naturally turning face into your left side.  


Okay, run it because we’re on the video you’re gonna see this In a different size.  So babies that look this way we’ll be better on your left and they will not feed so well on your right. Why is that because they are looking this side and your right breasts would be over here and they don’t like turning that way? 


So, your struggle now is what mums think because I hear this day in day out I say to the mu ”how’s your feeding”?  The mum goes my feeding is not very good, I’m not very good on this side my breast isn’t very good, I’m not producing my nipple my breast, might you know the production.   She thinks it is hurtful. It’s not okay no-one’s fault not gonna put the blame anyway.  


But if the delivery was such that your baby’s head is favoring one side looking in one direction.  They won’t like turning this way, nothing to do with you is your baby’s fixed position that is not allowing them to just feed easily. 


You’ve got a nice floppy baby that looks both ways, you can lay them down, they look here, you can lay them up, they look here.  You know either side, doesn’t matter the way you might be getting around this is that you might be feeding your baby rugby ball.  


So cross this side rugby will aside because they’re facing right or whichever way you might your baby favors.  Okay,  so the slight thing about this video is that I’ve got a baby and I’m going to pretend to breastfeed here.  


Okay, so some nice gentle treatment of cranial Osteopathy techniques gets the baby looking better both ways. Okay, so onto something else tummy to tummy with your baby.  


Yeah, that’s how you’re taught to breastfeed and I had like a lactation consultant watch one of my videos and oh yeah great video loved it except you’re wrong they should be tummy to tummy. Okay, so yeah tummy’s tummy is lovely and comfortable. 


But here’s my baby who’s fixed look on this side.  Look what happens when they go to me to tummy they just face downward.  


Okay, they can’t feed, they’re facing down and they come over this side. Now we’re facing straight up they can’t feed like that it’s gonna be an absolute robber.  


They’re gonna be pulling off that be going this way and then you’ll be holding their heads and feeling like you’re having to put too much pressure to push them and you won’t like that because they’re struggling against you and throwing themselves away you can become sore.  


So if you’re really hating it and the breastfeeding you and you’re sore and it’s not working they’re screaming it’s horrible. So, imagine if those babies got better and the breastfeeding would get better. 


Okay, so take us on board. If this is your baby, is this something to do with what’s going on with your breastfeeding?  I think in a lot of cases you’ll see that it will be okay.  


So, I hope this helps because it is a very gentle treatment that helps your baby with this kind of thing, maybe even baby massage. 


But think about that your baby might want to go into a non-standard position to get a better latch and Of course, you’re free to email me at, and maybe I’ll give you some more guidance. 


Thank you!

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