Why you must help your baby’s colic now

You will be helping their FUTURE health


Video transcript:

I want to get across to you something that is so important in this video, and that is why helping your baby now with colic or reflux or wind, or just crying and being upset, it’s so important for their future health. It’s kind of, it’s like, it’s what this whole course is about. It started out about helping colic, and then it went on to how can we prevent colic even happening, and then also, what is it that colic is showing us can happen. 


Now colic is to do – a lot to do with – an imbalance of the gut bacteria. And that happens for some reason. So, for example, we have a baby here with colic or wind or crying or reflux, and the whole course about tracking the “why”. When you find out the “why” you fix the “why” and you get them better here. So, for example, antibiotics change the gut bacteria. So, we find out if they had antibiotics, and then we help them with that here, and we help the colic. 


But this is what’s important. The changes in gut bacteria are now, with this modern research, being associated with virtually every single disease going! I mean, it’s just…. there’s something new every day that I’m reading, and it’s totally amazing. In fact, there’s a video on here on genetics being microbiome. It’s almost like the gut bacteria is the kind of genetics of what’s going to happen. 


So, alterations in gut bacteria – we know right now for your baby, they play role in colic. They play a role in excess wind that’s produced. We know it plays a role in allergy, eczema and asthma. There’s a video in here how it helps post… how they help postnatal depression. It’s also linked these changes in the gut bacteria to obesity, changes in immune system. And I know that you want your baby’s immune system to be strong. So much of our immune system is in the gut. So, you help with the probiotics. You strengthen the gut. You’re helping the immune system. 


There’s research on autoimmune diseases, obviously bowel diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, IBS, inflammation in the body, which is a trigger for multiple diseases. So, it’s so interesting to think that if you’re correcting your baby’s colic right now, that you’re strengthening them for these future problems. 


So, some of the research has actually looked at antibiotics in babies and what goes on a bit later, a few years later like eczema, asthma. I’m taking this a bit farther on, and this association between the gut bacteria and all these other diseases. So, this is why as I read more and more every single day, I go…. I just think, wow! 


This, this course is so important, because you’re going to help your baby now, and I know right now you’ve got a screaming baby, it’s horrible, you don’t know what to do with them, you don’t know how to help them, you’re helpless, you’re not sleeping, you can’t put them down. All this stuff is really hard, and the advice you’re getting is: “… all babies cry….” And then you say: “… but, my baby is really crying, they’re worse than the other babies….” And then you get: “… yeah, but it’ll go in 12 weeks….” Okay, even if it goes in 12 weeks you might not have corrected that actual cause which is what we’re doing in this course, and then you might have just naturally left your baby to stop crying, but if you haven’t corrected it, then maybe the gut bacteria isn’t fully corrected themselves. 

So, you obviously… you may well do, because breast milk pass across the good bacteria but formulas tend to not have the probiotics in. I mean, there’s so much going on here and the potential is huge to help your baby’s future health. So, by helping them now with colic you’re really, sort of, solidifying their future health, and there is some prevention, I hope, of these other diseases, and it’s just in the research all the time. I mean, there is so much, and I hope what I do in this course is take this research, which is like 20 pages long of all this kind of boring maths and things, and then extract out the good stuff, and then get that into a video to you, which is only a few minutes long, and bring the top tips to you. So, this is the thing I’m most passionate about, is that helping your baby now can help them in the future.

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