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Hi, Christian Bates here. So, we’re obviously in a time where the coronavirus is restricting what we can do and if you have a baby, you may not be wanting to go out the house so much and when we help the babies here in the clinic we are seeing them face to face one time. We’re still doing this but there is treatment involved with your baby. However, you may not be wanting to come out and you may not even be local to me. Anyway, you could be anywhere, actually, really in the world because they’re becoming borderline. 


So, what I’ve actually recently completed, and before all of this coronavirus happened, was an online course for moms, if you have a colicky, crying, reflux, excessively crying, upset baby. It’s all online. It’s on the Udemy platform so I’ve chosen to put on this already-created online learning platform and that’s basically because it’s totally set up for exactly what I wanted to do. So, it’s all done via Udemy, U-D-E-M-Y. I’ll put the link underneath this video where you can go for the course. It’s taken me quite a while but to put it all together, there’s about 80 videos. That might sound a lot but the videos are two, three, four minutes long, five max. So, it’s really easy, if you just listen, get your headphones on, put your phone down and you can be looking after your baby and just listening to the advice and the help I have for settling your baby. 


It’s also, the titles of the movies are named really simply. So, for example if you had a c-section and then go to the c-section in videos first and learn about all the reasons that the c-section may influence the crying of your baby. There’s videos on the little froggy babies, when they’re in the bold. The meerkat babies when they’re stiff. There’s breastfeeding help. There’s food help for you, for moms if you’re breastfeeding but if you’re not breastfeeding food help to help you nourish yourself. 


Basically, everything I know and for months and months, if a mom and a baby has come in and they’ve said ‘… my baby has this…” I’ve been kind of like “…that’s a great video…” so I record kind of the advice I’ve given in the consultation with the mom. So, that’s all on there. All the ebooks that I’ve already written, they’re on there. Obviously with an e-book you got to read that so you might have trouble doing that unless you’ve got a bit of time while you’re feeding or something, you can have it read but most of the stuff from those ebooks I’ve taken and put into videos so you can listen to them. 


So, I think this is a great way of taking my kind of over 20 years of experience of helping babies and just researching and researching all the science between helping babies so much for it also helps their future health. So, it’s kind of this is so important that when you’re helping your baby when they are a few weeks old, for example, there is future benefits so that’s all in there. There’s a section on future health of your baby but basically following the course will actually improve the health of your baby in the future. It’s quite amazing and it’s all science-based and it’s all in there as well. 


So, I think it’s a really amazing platform, a way, an easy way of you getting help at home when you’re just walking around with your baby. It’s really simple, just listen. So, the link is gonna be with this video and pop out. I have a lot of, actually a load of free videos there so watch the free videos. See if you like what I’m talking about and then the course is there for you. Thank you.

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