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The ways to help your baby


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I want to tell you about the naturopathic triad. So, a natural path and we look at everyone. This was mainly applied to adults as I was trained using the naturopathic triad and it’s the three aspects of how someone can get ill but how we can help them. Now, because my interest lays with helping babies and parents so you can apply this to babies as well. 


So, the naturopathic triad, the way of helping people, you can help them physically. So, you could help them with Osteopathy and massage and physical treatments and then, there’s the chemical side of things so you can help them with nutrition and taking supplements and then, there’s an emotional side so you could help them with say hippotherapy or counseling or emotional support and you can go wrong on these aspects as well. 


So, someone comes in injured and in pain. They could have a poor diet or be full of toxins and then, they could be stressed on the emotional level but we can take that and apply it to babies as well and if we really want to help babies properly with colic or reflux or being upset or crying and help them into the future then, we want to look at this and all the babies that I see, we help them on all of these aspects all the time but each one applies usually a bit more to individual babies. So, one might be really helped on the structural side because they may have had a traumatic delivery with forceps or ventouse so they need more help on the structural side. So, they may have, for example, cranial osteopathy or cranial sacral therapy or baby massage may help something like this. 


Then, I always look at the chemical side and that’s the nutrition. So, this is the probiotics to help the digestion, major player in helping a baby. If the mom is breastfeeding then we look at the nutrition that the mom has because that’s how we alter their nutrition going into the baby. If the baby is bottle fed then we will look at possibly changing the formula to find a formula that suits the baby. You will find videos on all of this in here. 


Then we have the emotional side, very interesting one on a baby because they’ve only been around a few weeks so you might think babies don’t have the stress of work, for example, but so much of what we do is working on the the stress or the trauma or what happened at the delivery and maybe even in those first couple of weeks. They may have had to go into hospital or something like this so the treatment is calming that the nutrition, the probiotics, which communicate with the nervous system which is on this emotional side of things. 


So, I don’t say necessarily that baby is stressed out but they can they hold on to that trauma of the forceps or ventouse or a very quick delivery or a planned c-section – so quick, they didn’t even know they were being born – or the communication between mother and baby as in the mom might been totally stressed out so the mom might say to me, they were monitoring the baby – heart rate fine, all good – I was totally stressed out. I thought I was gonna have this delivery and it didn’t happen and then I got rushed here and I got had to go into surgery quickly or I had to be moved from this hospital to another hospital which can happen where I am locally because we have a birthing center and sometimes the moms get moved over to a hospital delivery. 


So, here’s the mom getting really stressed out and the babies you knew the baby sharing all your hormones, all your blood system so to help these babies, I always work on the three of the naturopathic triad or in this case, the the baby triad which is structurally helped them structurally then we help them chemically and we help them emotionally. The emotional side, for example, could be this the skin-to-skin side. You know, your skin-to-skin, you’re cuddling and hugging them and calming them down and relaxing them and all of these work together. They’re all linked and they all help each other. So, this is how we really really get to the root cause and help babies.

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