Colic is a good thing

Do you believe me?


Video transcript:

What if I was to say to you that your baby having colic was a good thing? Can we put a spin on this and right now when you’re involved in with a colicky baby, you’re definitely not thinking it’s a good thing, okay. 


So, your baby is communicating with you. So, so many people say “…I feel so helpless because my baby can’t talk to me, they can’t tell me what’s wrong…” but they kind of are telling you. They communicate by crying, okay. So, crying, screaming, even their tummy is communicating with you when it has constipation or diarrhea or they have reflux and through this course, you’re going to understand to see those signs and recognize them as communication and then we can fix them. 


So, your baby is crying with colic. Why is that a good thing because the communication from your baby is that something is going on now, that is giving them colic, giving them winds, giving them watery poos, constipating. There you have it. Your sign from them to put something in place to help them and not only will it help them, now it will help them in the future and this is what I feel is the important part. 


Your baby right now with the colic is actually saying “…help me now.. ” and we’re gonna prevent something amazingly in the future and this is what’s coming up more and more in the research, okay. So, you have a colicky baby right now. They’re crying, they’re windy, they’re upset. You’ve watched this course, you’ve gone through the course, you know there are certain factors that have caused that colic, for example, antibiotics or c-section or stressful delivery and there are lots of them more and more and kind of coming through and revealing themselves, okay. So, you know that there’s a cause and they’re crying now. If you don’t help that cause and help them now with their crying which could be something, usually something to do with their digestive system imbalance in the gut bacteria but the research is now better but further down the line, other issues can develop. 


So, I just did the video on here a couple of days ago, on the research that showed that if a baby has antibiotics at the first week of life, in one year’s time, when they take the blood from that baby, they can see immune system changes which can predispose them to like eczema and asthma and wheezing allergy things. That’s a year down the line. 


So, now think about it. Here’s your baby, has colic, you know you had antibiotics and a c-section, your baby is crying now and saying “…I didn’t get on with that. I’m crying here…” now you know, that you use the probiotics to help them here so you’re helping them for what happens at the delivery and you can’t help that because you had to have that. They’re saying “…I’ve got wind from this…” you fix them now and in fact, you’re actually, let’s hope fingers crossed, fixing something a year down the line and there’s more. This can be future health. 


So, this is why, if we put a little spin on it, it is helpful to have your baby have colic because that colic is telling you, fix something now and you’re fixing a future health, too.

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