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Over 20 years helping babies


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Hi there! So, a brief introduction to myself. My name is Christian Bates and I have a clinic in the UK in Haywards Heath called The Perrymount Clinic and we have 20 practitioners here. We’re pretty big clinic – eight rooms. 


We are kind of functional medicine, multidisciplinary, natural health clinic and I helped lots of babies with a gentle treatment called cranial psychotherapy, cranial Osteopathy and I have basically spent, up till now, 22 years researching how to help babies, researching why babies are crying and then how to help them and every single week, something new comes up which I keep a record of. 


I start to write down and then I start to do videos and blogs and then I introduce that to the parents that I’m seeing and we help their babies more and more, okay. So, four, five years ago, I wrote the book Calming Colic: How to Help the 10 Causes of Colic because it was glaringly obvious that the colic each baby had was different. It wasn’t one fix. If there was one fix, when will all the babies be fixed? If it was a drop out there, a tablet out there, something that helped colic, there weren’t many babies with colic, right, but there’s loads of babies with colic because in fact, the causes of colic are probably getting more frequent. So, I wrote this book, nicely researched on it and since then I’ve written another six or seven ebooks, refining my help for moms and babies. 


So, that’s a little introduction to me, where it all started, how I wrote the book and I really hope you enjoy this course. Everything I have learned over the last 20 or so years and I will be adding more and more to help more and more parents and their babies. Thank you!

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