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So, this is in the Formula section of the course and I wanted to briefly talk about anti reflux formulas and hungry baby formulas. These two formulas have something in common. They are thicker, so thicker and heavier to fill your baby up for the hungry baby formula and thicker and heavier for the anti reflux so they stay thicker in the baby’s tummy. 


I didn’t really tend to avoid both of those. I have rarely seen either of them work. In fact, they most likely make a baby worse in terms of tummy pain, colic, winds, constipation, okay. The thicker formulas definitely constipate and they are harder to digest for your baby. 


So, if we think about babies, do we think a baby has a weak digestion or a strong digestion? We tend to think that they have a weaker digestion and there could be loads of reasons that the digestion is even a bit weaker. 


So, for example, it is well known that premature babies’ digestion is a little bit underdeveloped as well. So, if we’re putting in these thick heavier formulas which are harder to digest, think of it as just something heavy sitting there and then this whole tummy having to digest it. What we aim to do is put in something softer that is easier to digest and actually help the digestion with the probiotics so help them digest the normal formula. All that the colic formulas which I do tend to be okay because they’re actually softer. 


Now, if you’ve had the medical advice to use those forms, of course, you have to do that. We don’t go in against anything medically advised and reflux is a whole different ball game. If your baby has been sick and losing weight and it’s kind of medically an emergency then you gotta do what you got to do to keep that formula down. However, if your baby was just a bit windy and colicky and you’re thinking about trying it, just see how it goes. You might use it and then your baby becomes much worse, you might fix something on this end, then get something worse on the other end with constipation and winds and colic. 


So, think of these formulas as heavier and harder to digest and what we want to do with all the advice in this course is make your baby’s digestion stronger to be able to cope with a normal formula.

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