The twins with different deliveries

One vaginal, One C-section


Video Transcript:


So I want to tell you a story about some twins that I saw, and they were born by different deliveries. Kind of an amazing real-life story because one baby was born through the birth canal and then the other baby got stuck and had to be born by C-section. So here I have before me two babies born at pretty much the same time by two completely different deliveries.


So we have the potential of a little miracle baby because the baby got stuck and was a bit stiff. The first baby and then a little frog baby because the second baby was delivered by the C section. So I could right in front of me see the differences between these two babies. 


And there are videos on those types of deliveries to have a watch for you. But this was the best bet. Which one do you think was the best and most settled baby? The first one had quite a traumatic delivery coming down, had got stuck, but they managed to get out. And then the next one, they just kind of thought, right, we’ve got to get in there and do the C-section.


So the most upset cranky ratty baby was the C-section baby. This fits exactly as I would have suspected because these C-section babies haven’t had the process of being born. The squishing to kind of wake them up into the world is a sort of traumatic as that is. And these contractions and stuff, it really gets them.


You are coming into the world. The Csection baby comes out without those compressions and the C-section babies are quite ratty and on the edge and jumpy. And there was such a difference between the two babies. It was so easy to see. 


But the treatments that we do can quite easily calm one down and then take the compression expression tensions out of the first one that had gone through the contractions. So it was a lovely little story and illustration of how these two deliveries give you a vastly different baby.

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