The mums in-laws came to stay

And the colic came back!


Video Transcript:


This is a calming colic birth story and it’s a lovely illustration of the mother-baby bond. And I’ve gone on a lot about this in the course and there’s a section on it and it’s something really important I want to get across to you that think of yourself and your baby still as a unit. So you’ve given birth to them and they’re outside of you now, but think of you and your baby as one.


This is a story from quite a few years ago. A baby had been in originally with colic and the baby was completely sorted out. Really lovely. Done everything that I’m teaching you in this course, colic is gone, happy baby.


And then a few months later, I get an email from the mum saying it’s all back. A whole lot really colicky. What have I got to do? Should I bring them back in? Can you help? Basically.


So I wanted to find out more because I want to find the cause because if we find the cause, they might not have to have actually come in to see me again. We might be able to just fix kind of over email, as it were. So has the baby been ill? Are they teding? Are they. Weaning have they moved into a different room. 


Have you moved house? Have you been on holiday? Have you had antibiotics, all these triggers, they can just throw a baby off? Basically came back. No, had none of that. Okay.


I was a bit stumped and then I saw, I suggested baby come in and let me have a feel of their baby and see if we can help them with the treatment. Then a few days later, my email back said, I suspect it out. The baby is completely better again. 


And this is what happened for that week when the baby’s colic or rations or crying, whatever happened, the mum’s in-laws had come to stay with them.  So they weren’t local. They live our way and they came and lived with them for a week.


And that week where the indoors came, the baby kicked off. Okay. Babies are not allergic to indoors, just putting that out there. But as you may well know yourself, the pressure of having indoors stay observing how you look after a baby and maybe telling you a few things to do that you don’t agree with, all of that kind of stuff happened.


And when she emailed, she said she basically had a week where she was really stressed because in-laws are there. Okay? That stress on her rolled over onto her baby and the colic and the crying and all of that came back. So what an amazing example of how the mother’s emotional well-being and stress can roll over onto the baby. 


And what a nice story because it all went when the mother relaxed. So just a lovely story that I have been telling for years now of how mother and baby are one and your moods? And your stress is linked? 


So what can you take away from that be mindful that if your baby is bad? And your stress there could be a trigger there? And can you relax? And then actually pass that on to your baby? Good luck.

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