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So this um myth or bad tip um follows nicely from the first one about all babies cry and this is wait until 12 weeks and your baby will be better.  Now i can tell you this doesn’t always happen because i see babies who have come in for help with their parents and the parents have waited 12 weeks and they’re like we’re here my baby’s still crying they’ve already gone 12 weeks of having a crying baby they’re tired they’re more than tired and they wish they’d come in two weeks and then the baby might have been better very very much quicker than 12 weeks.  


So, Okay there are some babies that will get better about that 12 week mark they’re bigger they’re stronger their digestion is a bit better and things may creep and go but if you look at the causes of colic the causes of reflux some of those just don’t naturally just disappear.  You know you’re going to see and hear that antibiotics is a big cause of colic wind diarrhea constipation tummy pain in a baby what if your baby had antibiotics at nine weeks and then that’s upsetting them until they’re 15 weeks old. 


You know that baby had become upset farther along the line.  Okay.  um but these babies can still be jumpy and ratty past top 12 weeks okay and this is the important thing though if you bring them in earlier um or you look at the advice here earlier you’re gonna fix them sooner and these um lots of these problems that they have are they have a cause and that’s the whole point for example antibiotics again that gives them colic you’re gonna you’re gonna watch lots of videos on that and there is a way of fixing that with the probiotics.  


So, if for example you had antibiotics at the delivery you can then fix that much sooner and they’re better.  If  your baby naturally gets better at 12 weeks you still haven’t applied the fix of the probiotics which helps the gut.  


Okay,  fine they’re colic mic or they might be crying but you’re being proactive and repairing them now by looking at the material in this course so even if they are better at 12 weeks you could have made them even better by following the advice in this course and lots of the things that we do now that you will learn about now are the future health of your baby years into the future so you’re really going to benefit them now. 


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