Myth: Colic has no cure

Don’t believe that there is no help for colic or your baby?


Video Transcript:


Okay,  so this is one of the biggest myths. This is how my book kind of started where the whole creation or that was which is the myth and the pull of ice that mom had mom’s got that colic had no cure colic had no cure it had no cause. 


You don’t know why they babies got it they just get it all babies have colic all of that kind of stuff so not true so wrong.  If you have been told that it’s completely wrong and I have good news for you because there is loads of advice in this course in my books and what you’re after is the cause behind your babies colic and you’re going to learn all about that so for example main course is c-section antibiotics.  


Okay,  these are big causes of colic babies that have been born by c-section or babies have had antibiotics or if you as a mom have had antibiotics and you breastfed them through to your baby these babies get more colic 100 percent totally researched and I’ll be putting more research in the research section on this course and so that is the cause. 


It is really well known why babies get colic massively research really well known you should know that and that’s what this course is all about.

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