Myth: All babies cry

But does your baby cry more than the others!?


Video Transcript:


So all babies cry yes all babies do cry but there’s a myth surrounding this.  So,  that’s why this is the myth section of the course do all babies really cry as much as all the other babies.  


Okay,  so lots of mums don’t seek the help for their babies because the advice they have been given is don’t worry about it all babies cry.  That’s why this video is in the mid section it’s one of my sort of pet peeves pet hates about the advice that mums care.  


So, first of all all babies quite that’s how they communicate with us however there is a difference in the crying and you will know this if you have come here and you’re listening to this because I bet your baby is screaming and the scream is different there is a pain type screen to this it’s not there which could be quite a nice cry of a baby who that’s got a dirty nappy or he’s hungry always tired.  So,  babies with colic and other win trap wins that had a traumatic birth they sound different they sound more upset and I’m sure as a parent you feel helpless me don’t know what to do it sounds like your baby’s in pain.  


So,  we have that we have different cries more screaming.  Okay,  but more so and your baby’s probably screaming or crying more than all the other babies you know you see these babies that are laying there sleeping and you’re like my baby doesn’t do that it cries all of the time and what we’re after with the treatment and this course we want your baby to cry when they are tired when they got a dirty nappy when they’re hungry and maybe when they want a bit of a cuddle but you don’t want them screaming and crying the whole time there is a difference.  


So,  you know this just as much as I do cuz I see so many babies but that is what we’re after we are after not baby that doesn’t ever cry of course not because that’s how they communicate with us but take them in the course and putting the things in place putting the advice in understanding what is made your baby crying more than the others and then helping with that then you can get to a baby that cries because there’s a reason not crying or screaming all the time day and night for no reason that you can understand.

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