Myth: Antibiotics don’t affect your baby

Oh yes they do!


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Okay,  so let’s talk about the myth of antibiotics.  Okay,  this was how I actually got into more into helping babies so 20 odd years ago it was because I saw the babies coming in with colic and I would say 90% of them had had and politics at some point and I put two and two together that it was very well known that antibiotics upset adults tummies when they took them and you were meant to give probiotics to help the tummy so interestingly.  


These babies has had antibiotics via the mum who was breastfeeding and they had colic they didn’t call it it was not IBS in a baby or it’s not diarrhea or upset tummy else or any other baby.   It’s colic so he came this big phrase colic my babies work on it.  


Okay,  but we need to look for why.  Okay,  so at that time and I still hear it now mums are told that the antibiotics don’t affect their baby or go through to their baby completely wrong tons of research on this so I saw it for years and years and then ended up writing calmly colic the ten cause our baby but now that science and the research is there.  


If a mum gets antibiotics at delivery it affects the baby if the mum takes antibiotics it does pass through the breast milk to the baby changes the bacteria then they get wynant colic by rare constipation some sort of tummy issue.  Okay, and he is science based so I remember this greatness.  


This first one I found about antibiotics going through and the last line that conclusion was we didn’t think it did this.  Okay,  so they went into this research think of that the antibiotic particular weren’t gonna pass through the mum from the breast milk to the baby and it did and they said we didn’t think it would do this, Okay so it does but you’re gonna find the solution in the rest of the course which is the probiotics.


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