Myth: Breast fed babies don’t need to be winded

Why would that be??


Video Transcript:


Breastfed babies don’t need to be burped. They don’t need to be winded that’s what a mum came in and told me yesterday which has tricked me to produces the whole video for you and because I don’t agree she had been told that by another professional at the hospital and I tried it a couple of times before but not for a while. 


It’s not the biggest poor bit of advice that comes in I thought okay why there’s a breastfed baby not need to be wings now.  I’m assuming that what they’re getting to is that a baby will suck on the breast and take the amount of milk in that thereafter bottle.


Their baby you hold the bottle up and the bottle just pours out and then maybe that maybe is got by having to take that maybe fast flow. Okay,  out of the bottle so maybe you need to pause wind them but the breast pit maybe you don’t because they will take the correct amount out.


This is what’s interesting then because this baby was in because they had she had a poor latch so mum was in for help for her baby to latch better. So, straight off there’s not one fix for all babies otherwise, all babies will have colic because you know the fix all babies would sleep because you know the fix so kind of broadly saying breastfed babies don’t need to be winded straight off. 


I’m like that can’t be true that doesn’t work for all babies let alone this baby whose latches and very goods and might be taking more air when they’re breastfeeding and therefore definitely needs to be winded and the mum had not been wind in this baby for a few weeks and then had decided that they would wind the baby against this advice and then the baby was much better. 


So simple advice that was taken on had prevented this baby having less wind because the mum had listened to this advice. Okay, so this baby was a meerkat baby. 


So if you read the meerkat-baby birth type then you’ll understand that.  If you haven’t,  it’s a lesson in here look for the meerkat  baby.  


So,  the meerkat baby is very stiff arch is back and it’s strong like this because they’ve had a delivery where they got stuck this baby has stuck been stuck for days kind of very long delivery.  It was very stiff and meerkaty  and they are one of the hardest babies to breastfeed because they put away from the mum you’ll break trying to bring them in close to feed and they’re always throwing themselves back so very hard baby to breastfeed.  


So not only did the mom think that she couldn’t breastfeed very well.  When actually she had a meerkat baby they’re very hard to breastfeed but this baby had a terrible latch and the mum was sore.  


So the whole thing added up to just not working.  Okay so that advice is not great we may you wouldn’t your baby and in particular, some baby because we need more wounding some babies are great and they don’t need any winning but also it’s all down to having a meerkat  baby which can be gently helped with sinking and professional that does some sort of cranial-sacral gentle therapy to unwind your baby. Okay,  so in conclusion babies do you need to be winded.

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