Baby BirthType: Little Boob Shark Baby

Do you have a very hungry baby? Do they love to suck all the time and use you to suck on! But maybe they aren’t actually hungry, they are actually SUCKY.

Babies do this to self-soothe but it can be very uncomfortable for you and you might even be so sore that you are going to give up breastfeeding.

Have a watch of this video to learn more.


Video Transcript:


In this lesson, I want to explain one of my baby birth types which has a reminder is something. 


I’ve kind of discovered from seeing lots of babies of grouping them together so we can understand a bit more about them in this kind of pattern that they take on. 


I have to thank a mum for this name again and it’s the boob shark baby birth type and actually, it’s all the baby birth types being kind of named by mums so the little meerkat little frog and the little boob shark baby birth type and so a boob shark is what it sounds like it’s a baby that loves to feed that kind of comes on quite aggressively for the feed. 


As a mum, you can be struggling with this so you can be in pain and sore and it could be triggering mastitis for example but it’s hard work and if you want to breastfeed it’s a real struggle for you because you want to do the best but it’s aw and then you’re feeling guilty about moving to formula and all this kind of stuff so this typically then a boob shark baby is usually a little makeout baby so watch the make a video.  


As well, so they’re very stiff and they’re arching and they’re pulling back so when you’re trying to feed them they’re always pulling away from you so very difficult for you to get on as you’re taught to get them in close because they’re always going away so they’re always pulling of and that can make you saw so a baby that’s upset by something.


I always think kind of those three things they’ll cry they’ll want to be held and cuddled and they’ll feed a lot / suck a lot so you’ve got a sucky baby because sucking is calming for them but you’re feeding them.


Okay, so you’re thinking they’re hungry sucking it’s actually a word for this called non-nutritive sucking which is actually when you give a baby like a dummy so they’re sucking but they’re not feeding. 


Okay so if you get for that mixed up you’ll end up with a baby is a boob shark and continuously wanting to suck on you but not feed when that happens they might start being sick because you’re overfeeding them and they’re feeding a lot. 


This is where the dummy the one reason I think that dummy is really great it’s do this non-nutritive sucking say the baby the boob shark sucks on the dummy doesn’t suck on you you get a break and then you don’t give up the breastfeeding because you’re so sore from this boob shark baby.


So,  what’s the approach to this calming your baby down so they’re happier so they’re not crying want to be held, and want to suck will then make them not suck on you. 


Okay so I’m not a sort of breastfeeding consultant where they look at the different times and set you up a feeding pattern and all this kind of stuff but what I do is help calm your baby to make them happier so if your baby has had antibiotics  and is pulling ten times a day because they got tummy ache from the antibiotics then we calm them down using the probiotics they not have a baby that won’t be sucking as much on you. 


So, they won’t be the boob shark baby birth type and then you’ll be more comfortable.


So ,  if we can calm the baby down then that will spin-off and over into calming them down because they won’t want to suck so much okay so I hope this is a kind of educational video and that’s the boob shark baby birth type

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