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Did you or your baby get antibiotics? Does your baby have loads and loads of watery little poo’s? Parents often call them “sharts”. You baby can be grunty and groaney and in pain every time they have one of these little watery poos. The aim is to reduce these to a normal amount of decent big poo’s each day. Sometimes a baby can be the other way and be constipated and not have a poo every day. Have a watch of this VERY important video. It is a main trigger of colic and CAN BE HELPED!


Video Transcript:


Okay so in this lesson,  I want to talk about another of the baby birth types.


Another of the most common baby birth types and it’s the antibiotic baby. 


Okay, now it’s so common this is where me writing the book common colic came from because all these babies were coming in with colic and the mumps are just saying the baby’s got colic. 


I started to say that ninety percent or something of these babies had antibiotics and I knew from being a naturopath that of course which is common knowledge that antibiotics upset adults tummy, so I’m putting two and two together this is interesting that baby’s had antibiotics or the mumps had antibiotics and that has gone through the breast milk or they’ve had and post accept the delivery.


Now the baby’s got an upset tummy which is called colic. Okay,  so I started to see that this is so common I still think it’s a tea or nice print of the babies have had antibiotics that come in and see me and remember if you’ve had a c-section you had antibiotics at c-section they


Would have gone in the drip because when you have surgery in the hospital you get antibiotics as well to stop the infection. Of course no problems but we want to fix the baby from that okay, so a baby birth type let’s go the other way say ,  you don’t know that you’ve had antibiotics so this is what the baby birth type of antibiotics is like. 


They have an upset tummy most of the time these babies are doing loads and loads of poos every day up to ten it could be 15 little poos a day and this is the characteristic they might have one or two decent-sized poos a day but they’re a bit watery they’re not so nice explosive poonami type stuff okay , but then in between you have got loads of these nappies they’re all dirty nappies so you know like a shot that sorts of things.


Okay ,  they have this little bit of watery poo in every nappy you could have ten of these a day with a couple of decent poos in between this is the most common your baby could be constipated from it as well and you it might be that they’re going one pill every two three four days.


I’ve seen up to ten days okay so it could be that way the whole point is antibiotics upset. They’ve got flora okay the balance of good bad bacteria in the tummy which is scientifically proven to cause colic. Colic babies have an imbalance in the good and the bad bacteria that is what antibiotics do also scientifically proven if you’ve had antibiotics it causes this imbalance again this where the whole idea for my book came from.


Okay,  so your antibiotic baby birth type has this characteristic of loads of pooslittle watery poos all day but this interest of it it’s like they’ve got IBS irritable bowel but in a baby they have grunty they grow me they’re noisy ,  they’re Kicky ,  they’re windy it’s all tummy orientated so imagine that a baby is Kiki and grunty and grow me before they have a poo fairly normal.


if they’re doing that they have a perm they’re not screaming then you know you’re okay okay but these babies are Kicky and grunty for the tiniest little poo so they are they kicking off as if they’re having a massive poo but all you’re getting is a tiny one then you’re getting that continuously throughout the whole day so it’s like the bear grumpy all day. 


Okay this is the solution it’s the probiotics again.  Okay ,  so go and have a look at the probiotic section have a look at the colleagues section this is all linking around and around it’s the best thing we’ve got at the moment to help this with the babies scientifically proven to work scientifically proven to be safe. 


I use them all the time they’re amazing you use the probiotics I mean you get rid of all of those little watery poos throughout the day and then you get your nice two big ones that should be less watery. Okay,  so that is the fix most of the time for an antibiotic baby birth type you will know if you’ve hand a deposit this includes your baby having antibiotics directly you having antibiotics at delivery. 


For example you had an infection on a temperature all you had a c-section baby got them this includes you having antibiotics and then breastfeeding them through to the baby and I have seen before you have an antibiotics whilst pregnant.  Okay, so we’re going back a little bit but I have seen that affect the baby because I’ve kind of just figured out seen it a number of times as well so this is the antibiotic baby birth type. 


I hope you understand this it sounds relevant to you and it helps you.


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