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So, I don’t really ever advise any mums to take this. If there altered by them, If you’re using them I’m totally fine and you do what is best for your baby you want them to sleep. From my point of view is I am trying to fix the cause and what’s going on with the baby. 


So, they don’t necessarily need a sleepy head. But they do give nice clues as to what’s going on with your baby because this is on the baby birth biotype there little frog baby and little meerkat baby. So, the little frog babies are little froggies like this they’ve had the quick delivery where they come out and pinned back or planned c-section. Little Meerkat babies are very stiff and arching here and they’re throwing themselves away from you. 


They’ve had the long delivery where they have been stuck or they have been inside you low down for a long time there. They’re stuff like this they would prefer to lay in different ways. Both of them actually lays like to lay on their side.


If they’re on this side they can be in a bull freely or arch back. So, they have got this movement here. But on their back, they won’t like it cuz they really got to relax this way or come from a little frog and relax this way. 


So they’ll be uncomfortable. And what your sleepy head is doing is holding them in the position that they like. That’s why it might be working for you.


So, if you’re have a sleepyhead that might hold them slightly curved and also cozy does this is slightly curved like this. So, you’re little frog baby whose in a ball like this will like that. They would like to be laid down sitting in a curve or want something softer.


But baby beds and things are not soft they’re hard that’s why they don’t like them or they don’t mind going in a cozy because they’re like this where they are being held to a position that they like. If you have stiff little meerkat babies like this, they do not they don’t like doing a cozy because they’re straight like this and you’re trying to get them in a cozy like that. 


So, they could kick off going into the cozy and they may not like the sleepy heads which ones to hold them like this because they’re like this and you’re bending them against that. So, this is just a video of why you’re baby may or may not like the sleepy head or the cozy and what we aimed to do is relax that baby. So, they neither like this nor like this they’re happy on their back.


Probably don’t even need to sleepyhead then and they would go into the cozy comfortably because you have softened them off and relaxed them.

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