The light that stops your baby sleeping

“Blue light” keeps you both awake!


Video Transcript:


In this video, I want to look at blue light and this is actually quite an anything in health circles but they don’t really apply it to babies.  Actually, it’s much more apply to us adults so blue light is the type of light that comes off of indoor lighting and mobile phones and tablets and screens and TVs it’s basically artificial light and blue light mimics the light of daytime and red light is more towards sunrise and sunset and it has different responses on the body and therefore different responses on your baby. 


So,  I want you to keep this in mind and really it’s applying to the evening routine of where you want to settle your baby. So,  blue light is stimulating to us so the indoor like the light that comes off phones and tablets makes our body. 


As it touches our skin and goes into our eyes it makes us think it is daytime so our internal body workings hormones etc will increase as if it’s daytime.  Now remember babies don’t know night and day as in the concept of it’s nighttime I sleep,  it’s daytime I’m awake but their body will physiologically their hormones will respond do different lights. 


So if your nighttime routine is full of TV and you’re on the phone and your phone is beaming on your baby you’re on the tablet and that is being on your baby.  It could be stimulating your baby to stay awake it is switching their hormones on as if it’s daytime.  


So, you might want to with your evening routine make sure it’s in a room where it’s cleared of this blue light.  So, you know some mobile phones, now you can switch them on to night mode and you’ll see that the screen goes orange because that is not stimulating that’s where it comes from it’s changing it from blue light to an orange-red light which is calming.  


So, you could even have a more subtle red or orange light in your baby’s room. So,  like a Himalayan crystal lamp. You know that has that orange glow to it you put it down low and it’s just nice and soft that will be more relaxing than a big overhead light and obviously if it’s up here and overhead then it’s a bit more like the Sun and daytime.  


So, low-level light is more calming and so keep this in mind, you know would you as an adult fall asleep downstairs in the front room with the TV on now I know you’re tired and you can we come home from work and we’re tired and we might drop off but when you wake up, you go back to bed, you want darkness and comfort and relaxing and that’s how you get a good night’s sleep. 


So maybe don’t expect your baby to fall asleep for the night or in the front room with you and the TV on and the lights flickering and that being so stimulating to them because they’re so sensitive as well that you would easily stimulate them and if you can imagine if they were asleep and you went in and got your phone you switched your phone and you bend your phone on them they would wake up that’s just the light waking them up.


So bring the routine in Calmly and think about what sort of light you’ve going on but in particular, this blue light that comes from electronics it is stimulating I hope this helps take this into your routine. As part of how you’re helping your baby calm down and relax and sort to sleep well. 

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