The Future Health Of Your Baby

This video explains why helping your baby with their colic and excessive crying now can actually improve their future health. And it is actually science based!

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Video transcript:

Welcome to the section on the future health of your baby. Now, the future health, this section kind of developed as I was helping the babies that currently had colic and wind and reflux and as I was checking out the research, I realized in fact what was possibly more important that as we were fixing the baby now with colic, you know, a couple of weeks old, this was setting them up for future health and as I read more and more research, I started to see that these babies were better in the future. So, less illnesses in the future because we fix them when they had colic and they were just a few weeks old. 


It’s like, this colic and how they are unhappy at the moment, that was them saying help me now and you’ll help me in the future too. It’s their indicator. Colic is an indicator that the baby is a bit unhappy now and something has triggered that, which is what this whole course is about – antibiotics, c-section, traumatic delivery. 


So by helping them now, we’re helping them in the future as well. Possibly this is more important than the actual help in the colic bit, okay. 


So, I know that when you’re wrapped up with a screaming baby now, anything to help me now is good but it’s just, it’s just amazing that this is going to help them in the future too because most of the stuff that we’re doing to help the baby is about the gut bacteria and the the in research, at the moment, for adults is gut bacteria. 


So, gut bacteria is being linked to oh and the imbalance of gut bacteria is being linked to gut problems, obviously, IBS, colitis – these type of things but more and more, it is being seen that there is different different types of gut bacteria present and different imbalances in things like obesity, heart problems. I mean, it just it’s almost like any disease you can think of has a link back to gut bacteria – autoimmune diseases, arthritis – these things which are so in at the moment that we’ve seen more of these autoimmune diseases, they haven’t got bacteria linked as well. I mean who would have thought that obesity has a different type of gut bacteria in it as well. I mean, it’s pretty incredible what’s being linked. 


So, if we can get your baby off to the best start we can, within weeks or months of them being born and setting them up there, then we are we will be having a future impact on their health which I think is absolutely amazing. Also, if we’re if we’re helping the baby to breastfeed now, if we’re putting in place the things I’m saying in this course about their head turning and these meerkat babies and the frog babies and we’re unwinding them and making them happy and out so they can breastfeed now, then of course you’re getting longer breastfeeding now which is well researched to help into the future. So, this is the introduction to the section on helping your baby in the future.[/vc_column_text]

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