I recently bought my 2 year daughter to see Christian in desperation for help

I recently bought my 2 year daughter to see Christian in desperation for help. From about 8 months she started having “tantrums” and after a significant delay in her development she was quickly diagnosed with severe hypermobility which impeded her getting around i.e crawling and sitting up.

With this also her “tantrums” escalated and could last for up to 1 hour and also led to her severely self harming and began having extreme night terrors. As well as being under paediatricians and other professionals as a family we were at our wits end and struggling to cope with on a day to day basis.

On recommendation we came to see Christian with a view to trying anything that may help. After one session, dietary advice and added supplements and vitamins my daughter had improved greatly. The night terrors stopped instantly and although the “tantrums” were still there they had significant reduced in the length time and the self harming she had inflicted had now stopped. After the second and third session our daughter had improved massively. The results have been amazing and as a family it has helped us tremendously as we now have a good balance at home. She is now a very happy and contented child.

Of course our daughter has her funny five minutes and strops as a 2 year old but we welcome these with open arms.

Thank you Christian once again.

Christian's comment:

This is one of the most pleasing cases I have had in 14 years. This little girl did fantastically well. On a practical note the supplements included two that were directed at digestion which is very often an underlying issue in many children's conditions.

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