My baby boy was a very overdue baby and after being induced for five days I gave birth naturally.

My baby boy was a very overdue baby and after being induced for five days I gave birth naturally. Jack seemed fine in the first couple of weeks but I was starting to find him more and more unsettled and very jumpy. I was exclusively breast feeding him for 3 months before I introduced formula. I was finding him to be demonstrating the symptoms of Colic and most afternoons from 4pm onwards I was having to have him in a front carrier jigging him until bath and bedtime every evening.

He was also a very light sleeper and woke every 2 to 3 hours every night, he was also very windy at night time. His day time naps were lasting approximately 20 minutes.

I did some research and discovered Cranial Osteopathy and read it was good for babies which had been induced due to the stress it puts their bodies through.

After visiting Christian even more things became evident and the fact that I had been on antibiotics during pregnancy and breast feeding. I started a course of Cranial Osteopathy treatment and also started taking a probiotic supplement and putting it in my babies night time bottle.
Within a few days he stopped being so windy and even had a 1 hour nap!!!!

As the treatments went on I just noticed that I had a happier baby that no longer needed to be cuddled, carried and jigged so much. He was still waking in the night but that was mainly I believe through habit.
I only needed him to have 4 treatments and I have given him more probiotics after a recent antibiotic course for an ear infection and he still isn’t windy.

After I stopped his night time feeding habit he now sleeps 13 hours a night and has a 1 to 2 hour nap in the day.

He seems a content and happy baby (which makes me a very happy sane mummy!)

Thanks Christian again and hope this can be of some use.

My husband has never had indigestion since taking nutrigest so thanks for that too!

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