Thank you Christian for giving us the advice that no-one else seemed able to give us

I first visited Christian Bates in October 2010 when my 16 week old son Matthew had become very unhappy. I breastfed Matthew for the first 8 weeks of his life and he had a few minor problems: colic, eczema on one side of his face, and a very sticky eye, but generally he was a contented baby. However he was always hungry & demanded food every 2-3 hours during the day & night, so I decided to start bottle-feeding with formula milk in the hope that this would be more satisfying for him. For the first few weeks he appeared to be fine. However, his eczema began to worsen & appeared on both cheeks, he suffered with excessive wind and appeared very bloated & uncomfortable. He also had a lot of mucus in his throat & had become generally very unsettled. Sometimes he cried inconsolably for long periods of each day. As well, he started refusing to feed & would arch his back violently, throw his head around & cry when I tried to put the bottle in his mouth. When he did sleep, usually through exhaustion, he would wake after just 10-15 minutes & cry again. Oddly enough, he was actually worse in the day, but we put this down to him being exhausted by night time! Both Matthew & I had become very unhappy. I was at my wit’s end. This was also affecting my 2 year old son as he was not getting the attention he was used to, so he was very unhappy too. I really didn’t know what to do.

My husband & I took him to our GP who examined him & said he was fine. She suggested that the reason Matthew behaved that way when I tried to feed him was because he was being nosy!!! Not very reassuring. We left feeling completely helpless!

My friend suggested that I should take Matthew to Christian for Cranial Osteopathy since she had seen very good results from him with her own son. I phoned Christian & was given an appointment the same day which really impressed me. I explained to him all of Matthew’s symptoms. He asked a few questions and immediately came up with some possible reasons for Matthew’s condition and appopriate remedies. This gave me some sense of relief. Christian said that Matthew may be finding it difficult to digest cow’s milk, & therefore suggested trying him on goat’s milk formula as goat’s milk is easier to digest. A possible intolerance to cow’s milk could also explain his eczema & sticky eye. He also suggested giving him the pro-biotic “Culturelle” in his milk as this may help his tummy problems. Matthew also suffers from “flat-head” on one side, another reason for him to be treated by Christian. Throughout his diagnosis Christian was gently massaging Matthew’s head. We always noticed an improvement in his behaviour the following day, which we are convinced was attributable to the treatment he had received.

We took all of Christian’s advice & after 2 days of switching him on to goat’s milk formula, Matthew was happily drinking all of his milk, his eczema was improving & he was getting closer to being the happy little boy we remembered!

Matthew had 4 sessions in total with Christian & we believe that his advice & treatment were invaluable.

Matthew is now 6 months old & we recently tried him on cow’s milk follow-on formula to see how he coped with it. After a few days his eczema started to return so we have put him back on the goat’s milk formula & have immediately seen an improvement.

I plan to take him back to Christian very soon for further treatment as he still has “flat-head” on one side.

Thank you Christian for giving us the advice that no-one else seemed able to give us. If we hadn’t come to see you, I dread to think what the last few months would have been like for Matthew & for us.”

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