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Hi, Christian Bates here, Calming Colic. I want to do a quick video on one of the probiotics, and it’s Biogaia ProTectis. These come in a small bottle, and they’re drops. So really easy to give direct to your baby, dropping them in the baby’s mouth, they’re deigned for that. Drop them in the formula bottle, or the expressed bottle of milk, designed for that. Or the one that I love, if you’re breastfeeding mom takes them. The science shows totally amazing that this actual bacteria that is in the mom’s gut moves to her milk, moves to the baby, gets in the baby’s gut. Totally amazing. Good job boobs, well done. But you can put them in the formula as well. You can make that formula a bit more like breast milk, because breast milk has the live bacteria, formula doesn’t. When you buy a formula that says it has some bacteria in it, I’ve never seen that be enough to help a colicky baby. If they’re okay then fine, might be good enough. If your baby is colicky, upset, windy, constipation, diarrhoea, you need to up it. And I would use the Biogaia ProTectis.

I use this because there’s loads of research, it’s safe. There’s research that it helps colic, constipation, diarrhoea, all sorts of stuff. I love to use stuff that’s scientifically researched and this is, and I use it 20 times a week. I just see so many babies, and we put it on. This is the other thing that’s important, future health of your baby. There’s science to show that giving probiotics, friendly gut bacteria to your baby gives them future health. It’s amazing. And we know that so many things cause a baby to be colicky, have eczema, asthma, food allergies that happen at birth, like the C-section, the antibiotic use. This is what you use to correct it. Five drops once a day to the mom, or in the bottle direct to the baby, whatever is easiest for you. That’s how I use the Biogaia ProTectis.

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