Help Your Upset, Crying, Colicky Baby Be Happy (Intro Video)

Hi. My name’s Christian Bates. Thank you so much for coming to my website. On here, I have lots of help and answers for you if your baby is upset, crying, screaming, windy, colicky, not sleeping. If you have a baby like this, you will understand what I’m talking about. Have you heard from other people, “All babies cry, don’t worry about it. They’re meant to cry,” and you’re like, “Well, they’re fed. They’re changed. They’re clean. They’ve slept, but they’re still crying.” What about being told, “Don’t worry. Wait 12 weeks, and they’ll be better.”

If they’re one or two weeks old, you’ve got another 10 weeks of them crying. All these crazy things that new moms get told, and when you’ve got a crying baby, you just know in here that your baby’s not right, and they’re in some sort of pain, so this is what I want to get across to you quickly. There are reasons for this. You’re told there aren’t. You’re told to wait. You’re told it’s normal. I promise you, honestly, there are reasons. Antibiotics, traumatic delivery, foods you might eat if you’re breastfeeding [inaudible 00:01:12] create wind. Everything’s on here. There are so many reasons that they could be upset, but there are solutions to all of them, and with the videos and my blogs, and all the e-books I’ve written, six e-books, the Calming Colic book, they’re really easy to read, they’re simple. You can go through and see little chunks and just search for what’s wrong with your baby, have a look, read that paragraph, and then the answers are in there. Have a look around. It is masses of help. I’m here for you.

All I can do is write it all down for you, so there’s books, unfortunately, that you just need to read through, unless you’re close, then you can come in for treatment. Please have a look around. There is help for your baby, and then you can get some sleep. You can have a happy baby. Thank you.

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