Do you have to swaddle your baby?

You may not have to with this help


Video Transcript:


I want to talk to you about swaddling.  In this lesson this little section and swaddling is great isn’t that mum’s parents usually swaddle their baby to help them sleep better because the baby is jumpy.  


So you put a nice little swaddle around and it stops their arms and legs flying out and waking them up.  So the number one reason for using swaddling is to help your baby sleep.


So let’s go against the grain and I think um lots of things that i say in here go against the grain a little bit I think it’s it’s the truth behind the matter, it’s not this every fairy advice that’s given with not much backing.  So I try and help a baby and get a baby to the point where they don’t need to be swaddled.  


If they’re not swaddle it means they relax and you know when you see these lovely babies and their arms are out like this they’re laying down lovely and they’re like this and they’re fast asleep they don’t need to be swaddled because they’re not jumping and their arms flying around all over the place. 


So a baby that needs to be swaddled has usually had one of these traumatic deliveries that I talk about which if you’ve looked at the baby by type section the common ones are like the long hard delivery which is the meerkat baby biotype or even the little frog baby biotype and if you remember.  If you’ve looked at those they’re the quick delivery even the planned c-section delivery.


So they kind of had no delivery as it were those babies like to be swaddled because they’re a bit on edge from the delivery.  So I was to say traumatized, I don’t really like that word. 


But the delivery had some trauma to it whether it’s long they got stuck forceps ventouse or this other sort of trauma which says the plan c section where they’ve been delivered without knowing they were going to be delivered and they’ve taken on that shock of the delivery of coming out into the theater-like wow we’re here I was asleep I didn’t even know it. 


So these babies that need to be swaddled their nervous system is on edge. They’re buzzy,  they’re jumpy and there’s I think you have heard me repeating these things time and time again and that’s good because you’ll get to see how all of these different babies all fit in. 


We go around in circles and everything like this so swaddled babies are the jumpy the switched on the light sleepers and I want to get a baby away from that so they don’t need to be swaddled so they’re relaxed they’re calm they can go into a deep sleep. You can and they can be asleep and you can walk around them you can hoover around them they’re fully out and asleep not drop a pin jump.  


Okay, so this is my take on swaddling if you have to swaddle your baby then start to follow the advice in the course.  Look at all the stuff that I’ve got to mention but understand and this is the main point is the understanding that your baby could be jumpy from the delivery.  


So work through all of the advice on here and that may mean going to see someone for some treatment for some help to relax your baby down and then you won’t have to swaddle them in the first place.

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