Active Calming

Do you have to always hold and “shush” your baby? 


Video Transcript:


In this video,  I want to talk about active calming so a little phrase that I use active calming for when you the mum, dad that the grandparents have to put a load of effort into calming your baby. You have to actively calm them down and that can be jiggling, standing up,  walking,  walking up and down the stairs, going out in the pushchair, taking the baby for a drive, and they need to be actively touched,  stroked massaged, jiggled to calm them down. 


From my point of view this is the nervous system has been set on edge you know they’re ready to go they’re switched on they’re wired and you have to calm them down.  Okay,  so you have to actively do that what we are after by using everything in this course.  


It’s just your baby calm anyway so they can self settle.  We are after than being able to self settle to fall asleep when they’re tired. 


Now as you know everything in this course is open to a bit of interpretation. We know that babies around them of course they’ll on a little cuddle and a jiggle and then they’re there go to sleep and be soft and cuddling on you. 


But if this is applying to you where your baby is totally wired and just you just cannot get them to sleep you’ve got to be always moving them then you stop then they wake up will you get them to sleep you go to put them down, then they wake up they’re really light sleeper.  So I say that like they’re wire like they’ve had too many espressos. 


You know they’re buzzy think about how you would feel if you were going to bed after five espressos you don’t someone to stroke your hair and you know get eat asleep and calm you down think of them like that that they want to calm we want to switch them off so they come into a deep sleep. 


So,  from my point of view this active calming great you’ve got to do it you got do whatever you got to do to get them asleep. But everything in this course will help you not have to do that in particular the treatments the gentle baby treatments that you can get.  


They are really calming taking that tension out of the nervous system may be so classically do that can be the quite traumatic long delivery with the forceps of the Vaughn twos where they’ve had the tension and they’re all uptight. But remember how I’ve spoken about the very fast babies the very fast delivery or the planned c-section baby that doesn’t even know they were going to be born. 


They can be like that they can be switched on wired and buzzy because they didn’t even know they were coming out.   So have a look at the little meerkat section and the little frog section.

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