Do You Have To Hold Your Baby All Night

Many parents find themselves holding their baby all night. The baby maybe sleeping, because they are being held, but the parents aren’t as they are holding their baby all night!

The is obviously exhausting. This happens because your baby wants to be held in a vey specific way, which you are probably unknowingly doing, they find this comfortable. The baby finds it uncomfortable laying on a flat surface like their Moses basket or cot and therefore doesn’t sleep well.

Have a watch of my video explaining more.

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Video transcript:

Hey moms, Christian Bates here of, if you want to go there and have a look at all the help I have for you and your baby. So, I just want to tell you about a baby that I saw last week, and the mom came in and she said that she has had to hold her baby every night, all night, for 12 weeks. 


Now, we’ve been in lockdown – in the Covid lockdown – and this has kind of given this illustration of what can happen if you maybe don’t have your baby treated, or you know, baby massage, or cranial sacral therapy, or something like that. So, I have other videos that say don’t wait 12 weeks to get your baby better, and of course there’s this 12 week magic number that babies get better. So, some babies may get better, particularly if it’s a colic and the gut matures and strengthens and the colic gets better. However, you’ve got to differentiate between: is it colic, is it wind, is it reflux, is it something from the delivery that’s more physical, or is it the a stressful delivery that has put the baby into a sort of wired, fuzzy, frustrated state? And you might want to proactively help. You can help all of those so they get better quicker. 


But in this case, which is interesting, the baby came in, the baby was 12 weeks old, the mom is still… the mom and dad are still having to hold the baby every night! Now, the baby had a very long delivery, so lots of contractions, got stuck, came out naturally in the end, but was stuck for a long time. So, the baby was a meerkat baby – what I call a little meerkat baby. 


So, if you’ve got my online course, you’ll know about that. Also, have a look at some of the videos on here, and you’ll learn a bit more about the meerkat babies, but basically, they’re like this. They’re stiff. Stiff, and they’re arching back like this, and you have to hold them with their head, sort of like this. Then they’re comfortable. They’re comfortable in this position, okay. That’s fine – you hold him in that position and they’re happy. Hence, why you have to hold them all night. 


Here’s the downfall – they don’t like any other position! You’ve got to have them in that exact position. What you want is a baby that’s lovely and relaxed and floppy, and you can hold them like this or like this and, you know, they’re happy everywhere – up here, wherever. So, this is why these meerkat babies like to be held, because you get them in a position that they are comfortable in. So, you can… you’ll have them up and maybe their head flops back a bit like this, you see, so, they’re like this. What they don’t like doing is laying on their back, because… so they’re on their back, they’ve got to open like this and their bodies… they’re not ready to do that yet. They will get there, but this is a great illustration that this baby, at twelve weeks, hasn’t got there yet. 


So, firstly the mom… were in lockdown, so the mom couldn’t get any help anyway, but this mom might have been waiting for 12 weeks, then if we weren’t in lockdown and there was help available, she may have thought: “… oh well I’ve been told that 12 weeks is fine. The baby will be fine in 12 weeks….” This is the sort of thing that may need a little bit of help, especially if you’ve had a long delivery and you just want to have the baby relaxed, so they can lay on their back like this, and it’s a bit better. 


So, I hope you can see that, but not everything gets better at 12 weeks, because you’ve got to look at the cause, and that’s the whole point of the online course, is what’s the cause, is this an exuberant delivery, antibiotics, the formula, the foods that you’re eating as a mom? All of those things coming in, finding the one, fixing that and get your baby better much, much faster than 12 weeks. So, you don’t have to hold them all night every night for twelve weeks. That’s hardcore! So, we want to get the baby a bit softer so they lay on their back and you can put them down, and then they get some sleep… and you get some sleep!


So, I hope this helps. It’s just a, you know, it’s a story, it’s a calming colic birth story, and you might relate to this, and then understand that the baby… your baby can be helped. Also, that’s why they’re like this if you’ve had that long delivery. Okay, I hope this helps and I’ll see you in the next video, thank you!

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