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The Witching Hour


Video Transcript:


This video is called daddy’s home and It’s a very common time for babies to get really upset during the day.  It’s in the witching hour but the witching hour also falls on very often the time that daddy’s home.  


So that he’s coming back from work. So this is a common scenario the mum in has you have the newborn and you’re trying to feed them what’s feeding breastfeeding whatever you’re trying to feed them.  


But also it’s dinnertime you might be trying to make yourself dinner hopefully because we want you eating.  So you might be trying to make yourself dinner,  you might be trying to make daddy dinner or your partner dinner. 


When they’re coming home you’ve got all of this stuff going on and the baby picks up on this.  So there’s other videos on here on the stress your stressed passing to your baby. 


So it’s quite a stressful time for the mum. Now here’s the big one add in if you have other children two toddlers one or two other children.  


So now at daddy’s home time, you’ve got daddy coming home , you’re trying to feed the baby and you’ve got other toddlers that you’re trying to cook for. You’re trying to cook for yourself and your partner too. 


Okay, so there is a load going on how do we expect a baby to feed successfully in this time. When there is so much going on or remain calm, when they might be absolutely tired and ready to go into their sleep routine.  


So, yes which now can be other things it can be gut bacterial or traumatic delivery.  We have that as well.  


But if all that if the helper that’s in place and there’s still something missing it can be just this stressful time.  So this video is about making you aware that I see this a lot and I’ll give you two nice story illustrations what every often happens is the partner comes home and wants to play with the baby.  


The baby’s trying to get to sleep. You’re trying to wind down,  you’re trying to get them settled and then daddy comes home and you know throwing the baby up in the air hi they’ve missed their baby. 


So,  okay tricky situation daddy wants to see the baby miss them all day but right home in the middle of routine.  So be aware that can be a problem how do you know maybe to sleep when they’re being stimulated so much.  


Here’s another interesting example which came from a mum. Not so long ago the mum,  it was the most stressful time of the day for mum because she wanted her baby to be well behaved and happy for the dad’s coming home. 


So the mum felt the pressure of being a good mum for her partner who was coming home and I was always explaining to her she openly said “it’s the most stressful time of day for me”  I am stressed out because I want the baby to be well behaved and happy for daddy when they’re coming home.  


So that stress rubbed off from the baby and she did not get what she was after.  Okay,  third example of what happens around here and this was actually just in my clinic last week and that was daddy was coming home and daddy was in a really stressful time at workloads of stuff was going on at work and that was stressed out and that was passing it on to the baby.  


So we’ve been working with the baby and the baby was doing great tummy settled sleeping nicely and there was this window where the baby was just uncharacteristically crying,  unsettled when it couldn’t be put down had to be cuddled had to be fed all of that kind of stuff and right at this time again.  


I explained what I’m saying now to the mum she was like this makes total sense daddy’s coming home might even be moving jobs.  But loads of stuff is going on he’s really stressed and that was putting the stress onto the baby and the mum was like I don’t know how to say this,  I don’t know how to tell my husband that this is happening.  


So he went away with a few little hints for me basically blaming me. You know,  I said that this can happen as she was going away with that to say to her partner. 


I think your stress is rubbing off on to the baby and they’re having a bad time.  So again like all these videos, it’s kind of this is information to you. Does this sound like something that is happening to you?  I’m just saying to you this does happen I see it all the time.   


It’s common, it can happen that stress rubs off onto your baby especially at this time of day where it gets really busy.  So I hope this helps and I hope we get something from it and you can start to bring that calming routine in. 

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