Baby BirthType: Little Frog

Does your baby curl up in a little ball or Little Frog all the time? Have a read about why this could be and also characteristics they have that can make them unhappy.


Video Transcript:

Let me tell you about the little frog baby birth type.  As a reminder,  I’ve kind of made these baby birth types up myself is a way of grouping babies together so I can get a better idea of how to help them or so you can so I can say to you have a little frog baby. Would you have a meerkat baby that’s stiff for them if we know this kind of group or pattern that they’re in from the delivery? 


Now we can help them better. So ,  this is the little frog baby birth type and their little frog they’re up in a ball knees-up even the head all coming up and they always want to sit up here and like the other baby birth types. I got the name because parents are coming in and saying oh my babies they’re always like little frog and there was just so many that were calling their baby a little frog so little frog baby usually is a planned c-section because the baby is inside you in wrapped up in a ball. 


Then, they just get taken straight out and they just stay in the box they don’t get stretched out through the delivery so they’re kind of the ultimate little frog. A breech baby actually is the ultimate little vocal they’re like folded in half and if you’ve seen pictures of those or if you’ve had one yourself you’ll know what I’m talking about quite amazing how they fit in there so this little frog baby they don’t like laying on their back they’re all in a ball of this. 


You put them on their back and they don’t want it to stretch out like this they haven’t been stretched out so don’t like laying on their back. They prefer to lay on their side if you put them on their back their legs come up and then they drop to the side. 


You’re like wow they’re they’re rolling because they’re just flopping over they’re not really rolling their legs are just coming up and dropping they can bring their legs up and as they start to fall asleep their legs drop and then it wakes them up. So,  then they crunch up and as they fall asleep then drop and it wakes them up so these babies parents like to swaddle them as you keep more tight and then their legs like dropping wake them up.


There’s a slight difference so at this little frog pure little frog from a planned c-section a c-section baby from an emergency c-section can be a combo they can be stiff at the top because they’ve got stuck and then the emergency c-section so their legs come froggy up. So,  you could have a baby that’s quite stiff in the neck which is a little maker but then they’re still doing froggy legs so I call that kind of combo baby.


So,  this is just a nice little introduction into a little frog baby and I will talk about them in lots of the other videos you just reference back and this is what I’m talking about.

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