Antibiotics! Did you or your baby have antibiotics?

If you or your baby had antibiotics at birth or whilst you were breastfeeding this is a must watch video! My most popular Facebook video and reveals something mums AREN’T told!

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If you did have antibiotics (or C-section) then my book is a must read to help your baby now and into the future. Also the probiotics I recommend to mums and babies are essential too. Click here see these.

Biogaia Protectis

Biogaia Protectis


Video transcript:

Hi all, so it’s Wednesday and I think I’ve seen this four times this week already – parents coming in and saying to me that they were told that antibiotics wouldn’t affect their baby if the baby had antibiotics. Or, and more often the case, if the mom takes antibiotics that they don’t go through to the baby. It is completely wrong! They absolutely DO go through to the baby. 


I have looked this up in the science journals and things and I found it. I used to have a bit of research that was… that it showed that it affected the baby’s gut for a year. More recently, a few months ago there was one that found that the babies that had antibiotics in the first week of life their gut bacteria was still different three years later, and that’s the whole basis of colic and an upset crying baby. Loads of that has to do with the gut. 


So, if you have had antibiotics and you’re breastfeeding, no doubt they go through to your baby. You will know that because of colic, crying, wind, and this is the biggest clue – not in all the babies, but the biggest clue – is watery poos. Maybe ten times a day, and every nappy has got a like a little bit of poo, and they’re a bit watery, but also these babies are gripey. They’re kicking their legs around and they’re grunty and they’re groaney and they’re noisy. It’s very easy to see if you’ve had antibiotics. Seriously! Top five reasons of a crying, colicky, upset baby, and they’re used a lot. 


Now of course, they had to be used. I’ve nothing against them, but moms are not told how to repair that, and you can repair that with – I use BioGaia ProTectis – pop over to the website. There’s more blogs on this and the BioGaia is in there, and basically most of the book is actually about this – antibiotics and gut bacteria of the baby, and how that could upset them and make them cry, okay. More tips soon. Thank you.


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