A Must for All Mothers Dealing with Colic or Reflux

Colic is such a haze of a subject and what does and doesn’t help, much the same with reflux. My daughter was colicky but my son has suffered with reflux badly.

Everything you could want to know about what could be the causes of your baby’s tummy to be distressed is in this book, it’s very easy to read and understand (read in one evening here and I am not a quick reader)

So much in this book makes sense and can help you help your babies colic/tummy troubles be relieved.
I am recommending this to all mums/mums to be I just wish this book had been around when my baby was tiny!

Although my son is now a toddler there is a lot of advice and recommendation that is helping his tummy troubles caused by food allergies.

A Huge Thank You to Christian Bates the Author for writing a book that all desperate Mum’s will be so grateful for!

Colic Infographic

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