Mrs Sheila A Sheppard (Amazon)

Essential reading for parents (new/to be) and health visitors, midwives.....

This is an excellent book which should be read by everyone who is soon to have or already has a baby, not forgetting mothers who have had a colicky baby and want to avoid this problem in future! Also, it should be read by those who work with mums and infants.

Full of practical information about how to manage colic, this has been written from professional experience, in a style that makes it a pleasure to read.

As a nutritional therapist, I spend much time advising mothers on how they can improve their babies and their own digestive issues, and commonly recommend a visit to a cranial osteopath.

The references give the book some additional weight, and make it perfect for sharing with health care professionals.

Thank you Christian, for writing this book and making it so readily available. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Mrs Sheila A Sheppard
Rhea (Amazon)
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