J Warrender (Amazon)

Every pregnant mum needs this book!!!!

Amazing book!!! How long have we put up with people telling new mums ‘its just colic, it will go when baby is 12 weeks!’ Now at last calming colic explains not only the reason why colic can occur but also how to help it!! (or cure it) Wow!!!

I read this after my baby girl was screaming for 3-4 hours every night. We followed Chritian’s advice and we have a much happier baby. Im not making this up, when reading this book i felt it was actually written for us!

I have recommended to lots of friends and will continue to do so.

Honestly it makes so much sense. I just wish midwives and health visitors would start giving this advice. It would avoid a LOT of unnecessary stress at such an amazing time.

I wish i knew about this when having my first baby.

Thank you Christian!

J Warrender
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