George Hankin

I did not write this testimonial straight away as after my third and last session my son became ill with a tummy bug so was up all night being poorly for a week and then he took a week to recover, feeding several times in the night during recovery. So we were unsure if there had been any changes in my sons poor sleeping habits. However after the 2 weeks of being poorly and then fully recovering as if by magic he slept through for the first time ever for a solid 12 hours. I brought my 8 month old son to see Christian as he wasn’t sleeping well, he always seemed to be crying in his sleep and seemed to be in pain. He was delivered via forceps and we were separated for a while after a complicated birth, so Christian suggested this could have caused him some trauma. He was also given anti-biotics at 6 months and he was never really the same happy baby after that. Christian recommended three sessions of cranial osteopathy and the pro-biotic as he had been treated with the anti-biotic. It really has worked, my son is now 10 months old and he sleeps from 6.30pm to 7.15am on average. He doesn’t seem to be in pain and uncomfortable and has stopped crying in his sleep. As well as the crying in his sleep I found it impossible to get him to go to sleep, I tried everything from baby massage to always needing the hoover / white noise to get him to go to sleep. But since his treatment he doesn’t need any encouragement and goes to sleep of his own accord peacefully without all the screaming we had previously had. He generally seems a much happier and chilled out baby. I wish I had brought him to see Christian much sooner and enjoyed more nights of good sleep!

George Hankin
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