What’s Your Baby BirthType?

Baby BrithTypes are “patterns” of symptoms and behaviours your baby may have that Christian has noticed over his 23 plus years of treating babies.

Little Frog Baby BirthType (curled up baby)

Does your baby curl up like a little “frog”? Did you have a Planned C-section or a very fast delivery? Have a watch of this video to learn more about your baby

Little Meerkat Baby BirthType (Strong neck baby)

Does your baby have a strong neck? Does everyone say to you “Wow, they can hold their head up!”. This is often from a long, traumatic delivery and can affect your baby in particular ways, like hating laying on their back or going in their car seat. Have a watch of this video as Christian explains about his “Meerkat Baby BithType”

Colic Infographic

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