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  The CAUSES of colic and how to fix

✅ Personal help from me with your baby

  How to help reflux

  A major cause of breastfeeding problems you haven’t been told

  Why your baby hates laying on their back

  Helping the milk allergy baby in the best way

  Foods that trigger colic if breastfeeding

  All the myths about a colic baby like”All babies cry”

  Formula changes help

  The truth about your babies poo’s!

  Why helping your baby now protects their FUTURE health

  And absolutely loads more (100 videos & 6 ebooks)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the course?

Yes, no problems just email me and I’ll refund you.

Are you personally available to help me around the course?

Yes, I will be able to guide you to the best videos to watch to help your baby as quick as possible. I will answer any questions as soon as I can, please understand I work full time in a clinic treating babies.

Are you available for 121 consultations and baby treatments?

Yes to both. I treat babies from my clinic in the UK in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. Our number is 01444 410944. I can also arrange Zoom consultations if you are in another Country or not local to me. Both these are additional costs.

I created the course to help more mums and babies than I was able to see personally in my clinic and also mums in other countries.

Does your online colic solution cover the content of your book?

Yes and loads more! Also my book is part of the online colic solution as a PDF download.

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