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Hey mum, here’s your free access to two sections of my baby colic and reflux solution. Watch the top videos and I’ll tell you about one of the biggest causes of a colic, crying baby that I see and how to help them

P.S. Congratulations!  Christian

Online colic, reflux and mother and baby health course. 🥰 UNDERSTAND why your baby is crying. Video based and easy to watch and learn with your new baby. Bite sized videos all about your baby. 🥰  You will learn and understand:

  The CAUSES of colic and how to fix

  How to help reflux

  A major cause of breastfeeding problems you haven’t been told

  Why your baby hates laying on their back

  Helping the milk allergy baby in the best way

  Foods that trigger colic if breastfeeding

  All the myths about a colic baby like”All babies cry”

  Formula changes help

  The truth about your babies poo’s!

  Why helping your baby now protects their FUTURE health

  And absolutely loads more (100 videos & 6 ebooks)

Have a look at this page to see all the videos available and also to learn about a major way to help your baby.

“Calming Colic made it easy to understand what was happening to my baby boy. Understanding it is the biggest step towards curing it. My boy had colic and Reflux. I have passed on this book to all my friends as it should be given out by GPs and midwives.”

“I teach baby massage classes and I recommend this book to all my mothers especially those who have babies with colic or reflux.”

“So informative and insightful, it holds a wealth of knowledge you can access at your leisure. This is a fantastic resource for new parents”

Emma Mills, Private Midwife

“Dear Christian, I thought your book was well written, easy to read but most importantly well researched and referenced. As a doctor I found it reassuring to see the evidence laid out for me to see. I can also see how a non medic would be able to show this book to a midwife, health visitor or GP and get them to understand your theories. I think this book should be recommended at every antenatal class!”

Dr Moran BSc(Hons), MBBS, MAPCS, FANZCA, FCAI, EDRA, PG pClin Ed

Video 1: A main cause of colic, wind and a crying baby

Video 2: Which probiotics to use

Video 3: Other reasons your baby can be upset and colicky

Scroll down to the probiotics section to see the speciality baby probiotics I recommend

Everything below here is what you will receive with my full online mother and baby health course. Which covers colic, reflux, breastfeeding problems, formula tips, sleep and calming techniques, understanding why your baby is crying, hates laying on their back and won’t sleep, foods to avoid that create wind and reflux and tons more. Have a look, you can see all the video titles. When you purchase the course you also have free access to me helping you. It’s only £29 and a great investment for you and your baby. The top two sections are free so you can get an idea of what the course is like. Have a watch of those first. 

FREE — All you must know about colic but haven’t been told — FREE

Colic – The Truth

Does your baby have a strong neck?

Why you must help your baby’s colic now

You will be helping their FUTURE health

Colic, wind, reflux is a SYMPTOM

You must find out WHY

All about the baby health ecourse

Learn how my course will help your baby

Baby Naturopathic Triad

The ways to help your baby

Colic is a good thing!

Do you believe me?

Introduction to Christian Bates

Over 20 years of helping mother & baby

FREE — The myths of colic and the bad advice you have been given — FREE

Myths introduction

What myths are you hearing from friends, family and professionals?

Myth: Colic has no cure

Don’t believe that there is no help for colic or your baby

Myth: Wait 12 weeks and your baby will be better

Why wait?! You can help them now

Myth: Antibiotics don’t affect your baby

Oh yes they do!

Myth: All babies need to be held

Does your baby ALWAYS have to be held?

Myth: Breast fed babies don’t need to be winded

Why would that be??

Myth: Food from the mum doesn’t get into her breast milk

Common sense will tell you that it does

Myth: About the number of poo’s your baby has

Such conflicting advice here! This is the reality

Myth: All babies cry

But does your baby cry more than the others!?

LOCKED — Calming your baby and sleep routine — LOCKED

A baby calming technique

Perhaps a way of calming that you haven’t heard before

Your baby’s day / night recognition

Help your baby understand day and night

Routine to help your baby settle

Does a routine help?

The light that stops your baby sleeping

“Blue light” keeps you both awake!

The smell of your breast milk

It calms your baby…

Sleep regression

Is it real?

Active Calming

Do you have to always hold and “shush” your baby

Do you HAVE to swaddle your baby?

You may not have to with this help

Daddy’s Home!

The Witching Hour

Does your baby have a strong STARTLE reflex

Can you calm them?

“Rest & Digest”

The calm side of the nervous system

LOCKED — Colic, Poo and wind – what you need to know — LOCKED

Where’s the wind from?

Why is your baby windy

Mum, did you take iron tablets?

These WILL affect your baby

Your baby’s “Poo-cadian” rhythm.

How the tummy affects the sleep

Colic worse at the weekends?

Strangely this can happen!

LOCKED — The Baby BirthTypes (Trademark) — LOCKED

Introduction to The Baby BirthTypes

Do you have one of these babies?

Little Meerkat Baby BirthType

Does your baby have a strong neck?

Little Frog Baby BirthType

Is your baby always curled in a little ball?

Antibiotics Baby BirthType

Did you have antibiotics?

Little Boob Shark Baby

Do you have a very hungry baby?

C-Section BirthType

Did you have a C-section?

Planned C-section BirthType

Did you have a planned C-section?

Hates Laying on Their Back BirthType?

Some babies just hate laying on their back

LOCKED — Breastfeeding help — LOCKED

Does Your Baby Mostly Look One Way?

Many babies favour looking in one direction

The Hardest Baby To Breastfeed

This could be the reason your breastfeeding isn’t going well

Do You Have To Rugby Ball Hold Your Baby?

Wouldn’t it be good if your didn’t HAVE to!

LOCKED — Formula Feeding Help — LOCKED

MYTH: All formulas are the same

They aren’t!

Changing formulas

It could be amazing!

Hungry Baby & Reflux Formulas

What you need to know

LOCKED — Everything about the mum’s diet — LOCKED

Intro: The foods a mum eats

For your health and your baby’s

Don’t over eat one food

Something mums often do

Eat like this!

Balance your blood sugar

Fats and sugars in breast milk

Foods DO go into your milk

Eat like you did when you were pregnant

This is usually better than you eat now

Your breast milk is partially digested by you

Possibly this helps allergy

Don’t replace one trigger food with another

A common mistake

These special sugars help your baby

You get these in your diet

Look for good times and bad times

When’s is your baby worse?

Eat a balanced diet

Science proves this is best

LOCKED — Allergy and intolerance — LOCKED

Allergy or overload?

It’s more often an overload

Antibiotics and allergy

They can make it worse!

Supplements to help allergy

Proven by science

Allergy and skin

It goes both ways!

Antibiotics change your baby’s immune system

Vital research you should know

LOCKED — The Science of Calming Colic — LOCKED

Introduction to the Science of Calming Colic

Some science research videos to help you and your baby

Pregnancy is like a marathon

So mums, you must look after yourself

Omega 3, fish oils

Why they are so helpful for you and your baby

Was your baby premature?

Why probiotics can help them

Depression and dermatitis linked

But we can help ease this link

Gestational Diabetes changes gut bacteria

And this can therefore aggravate colic

Do you have digestive issues yourself?

This can aggravate colic in you baby

Your baby’s first poo is amazing

It’s full of bacteria!

LOCKED — Other videos to help you and your baby — LOCKED

Does your baby have a tongue tie?

You still need to help your baby in all other ways

What I think of sleepy heads

You still have to help all the other things!

Is there a special hold to help all babies?

In one word “No”.

Has your baby had a hospital visit?

Some extra help for you

Your stress passes to your baby

It’s called “Stress Contagion”

Some information on flat head

Just some tips for you on this

Dummies! Good or bad?

What I think of dummies

LOCKED — Let’s help your baby’s REFLUX — LOCKED

Stress in the mum triggers reflux

Amazing scientific research to help you

Overfeeding triggers reflux

Another possible cause

What you need to know about Gaviscon

Will it make your baby better or worse?

Constipation and reflux

There’s a link…

Reflux medication change your baby’s gut bacteria

So you need to fix this

The Little Meerkat and reflux

This common baby type suffers a lot

LOCKED — The future health of your baby — LOCKED

Intro: The future health of your baby

You aren’t just helping colic!

More future health help for your baby Part II

Have a listen…

LOCKED — Probiotics – Your baby’s new best friend — LOCKED

An introduction to probiotics

One of the first videos you should watch

How to use Optibac probiotics

How to get them into your baby to ease colic

How long do you use probiotics for

A common question asked

Probiotics for mum AND baby

Description of video is to go here if required

A way of PREVENTING colic

Wouldn’t this be amazing!

Genetics V’s gut bacteria

It may not be genetics, but rather gut bacteria

Stress in pregnancy

This changes your baby’s gut bacteria

The probiotics I highly recommend for your baby

FREE — Calming Colic baby stories — FREE

Waking loads

How I helped this baby

Where the mum drank lots of fizzy drinks

It makes your baby windy!

The mums in-laws came to stay

And the colic came back!

The twins with different deliveries

One vaginal one C-section

A mum threw all her expressed milk away

Because of bad advice!

LOCKED – Downloads (click the links to download) – LOCKED

Calming Colic PDF Download

Reflux Guide eBook

Quick Calm – Tips to quickly calm your baby

New mum nutrition support-compressed

New Mum Eating Mistakes

The foods a mum eats affects her breast milk – a guide to foods affecting colic and reflux

Weight Loss for the New Mum & Breast Feeding Mum‏

5 DAY FOOD PLAN EBOOK (New mum and breastfeeding mum 5 day food plan. Low trigger foods for colic and reflux)

Bonus material:

Blood Sugar balancing help

Mother Supplement plan

fodmap food list – Foods that can trigger wind in your baby if breastfeeding

Mum Snacks and Swaptions. Foods to swap out if you are trying dairy free or gluten free

DIET DIARY for the new mum to track trigger foods in a colic baby

My son had terrible problems feeding from just a few weeks old and it started to affect his weight gain. After weeks of doctor and health visitor appointments and every trick in the book to deal with what we thought was colic or reflux, we came to see Christian. The difference in Elliot after one appointment was amazing. We were given probiotic drops and in the space of one week Elliot is thriving. The osteopathy also helped loosen him up and relax him.We couldn’t be happier and I will definitely be recommending this to all my friends.

Haywards Heath

Thanks you very much for your book – brilliant and a relief to read and understand what is happening to my baby girl. All new mums should be issued with this book by the NHS on the birth of their child! It would have saved me a lot of stress and worry over the past few months.

I cannot recommend Christian enough!! I would tell all frazzled parents to see him worth every penny.

Haywards Heath

I teach baby massage classes and I recommend this book to all my mothers especially those who have babies with colic or reflux.”

Marilyn Wilson
Tiny Touch Baby Massage

Amazing book!!! How long have we put up with people telling new mums ‘its just colic, it will go when baby is 12 weeks!’ Now at last calming colic explains not only the reason why colic can occur but also how to help it!! (or cure it) Wow!!! I read this after my baby girl was screaming for 3-4 hours every night. We followed Christian’s advice and we have a much happier baby. I'm not making this up, when reading this book i felt it was actually written for us!

J Warrender

Before we started coming to see you I was almost at my wits end with 6 night wakings and only half hour naps. It was exhausting. Literally the day after our first treatment session Laurie did a 2 hour nap. Things then got better over the next couple of weeks and we currently only wake twice a night and most naps are over an hour which has transformed my life! She has been a tricky baby with reflux and always needed careful handling but I think thanks to you we have turned a real corner and she is a much happier baby.

Haywards Heath

This is a pioneering book. If your child is suffering with the symptom called Colic, Calming Colic will help you identify and resolve the underlying causes in your child.

Dr Mark Atkinson
Integrative Medical Physician and Author of the Mind-Body Bible

I went to the clinic with my 7 week old baby boy as he used to cry a lot. I wasn’t able to put him down on his back without him crying. He also suffered with wind. Christian was brilliant and after a few treatments my boy was totally different. He is much more content and I can now leave him on his back on his play gym kicking about. As he is more relaxed he is able to cope better with his wind too. Fantastic, would definitely recommend!!

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